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Updates for Windows & Android

Friday, January 12th, 2024

I wish you all a Happy New Year! I’ve released new updates for Windows & Android with the following new features:


  • Downloader: Scubapro G3, Luna 2.0 & Luna 2.0 AI support
  • Downloader: Aqualung i330R & Apeks DSX support (Beta)
  • Downloader: Mares Bluetooth improvements
  • Logbook Table: Layout is preserved during refresh
  • Logbook Table: Save and restore layout
  • Logbook: Dive computer skins
  • Logbook: Supply Type Field
  • Logbook: Buddy selection order preserved
  • Details Data: Checkbox selection preserved during refresh & search


  • Downloader: Scubapro G3, Luna 2.0 & Luna 2.0 AI support
  • Downloader: Aqualung i330R & Apeks DSX support (Beta)
  • Downloader: Mares Bluetooth improvements
  • Compass in map window
  • Merge dive profiles
  • Scrollable statistic charts

Logbook Table:

Logbook Table Layout

If you modify the table layout (e.g. by grouping, removing or reordering the columns), the layout will be now automatically preserved during saves and refreshes. You can also save and load different table layouts manually with the 3 buttons marked in the screenshot above. That way you can have different layouts depending on the task you’re trying to to.

Logbook Window:

Dive computer skins

You can now load different dive computer skins by right clicking the virtual display. Unfortunately it is not so easy to create different skins in the XAML language, but I’ve created and uploaded a few skins as an example and maybe some users are able to create more skins.

Several Improvements

There is a new field “Supply Type” available in the logbook layout editor, which allows you to switch between OC, CCR etc. for the first tank directly in the logbook without going to the Gas & Tank window.

When you select buddies from the buddy details window by clicking the checkboxes, the order will be now used in the logbook window (instead of sorting alphabetically). The checkboxes will be now preserved in the details window when using the search function (this is for all detail data types).

Android Compass:

Show Compass

Compass maximized

The map window on Android has now a full featured compass included. You can show it from the menu and tap on it to maximize it to full screen. In full screen you can rotate the outer ring with your finger for advanced navigation.

In the dive profile screen, you can now merge two dive profiles, e.g. when you’ve surfaced during a dive:

Merge Profiles

You can now scroll certain statistic charts in the Android app, e.g. the Years Chart. Swiping on the chart area scrolls slowly, on the x-axis is fast scrolling. There are also new scrollable chart types, which you may already know from the Windows version:

Scrollable Charts

Scrollable Charts


Updates for Android and Windows

Thursday, July 20th, 2023

There are new updates for the Android and Windows versions of Diving Log available. These are the changelogs:


  • Dive Log *.dlexch exchange file support (import/export)
  • Downloader: Divesoft Freedom + Liberty + new Ratio models
  • UDDF import improvements
  • Bailout tank supply type
  • Logbook Table grouping counter


  • Dive Log *.dlexch exchange file support (import/export)
  • Downloader: Divesoft Freedom + Liberty
  • Bailout tank supply type
  • Target SDK 33

Dive Log *.dlexch exchange files:

If you want to share just one or a few items of your logbook (e.g. a dive site or some marine life), you can now export just those parts into a small text based file (*.dlexch). These files can be imported into the Windows, Android, iOS, and Mac OS apps from More Mobile Software. All these apps can export these files as well, so sharing parts of your logbook across all platforms is now a lot easier.

Exporting on Windows:

Select one or more items and click the Export button. You can import *.dlexch files here as well.

Importing on Windows:

Import using the “Diving Log” import dialog

Exporting & Importing on Android:

Exporting on Android

Importing on Android

These methods make sharing logbook data with other users a lot easier. Currently these data types are supported:

  • Countries
  • Cities / Islands
  • Dive Sites
  • Marine Life

In the future we will add support for other data as well.

Logbook Table group count:

The grouping feature is available since version 6.0, but now you can see on the right side how many items are in each group:

Group Counter

Diving Log 6.0 – Logbook Table

Wednesday, March 11th, 2015

The new logbook table editor for Diving Log 6.0 is now finished and I want to show you what’s new. I’ve already written a blog post about the table editor in version 5.0 and all features carry over to version 6.0, e.g. editing multiple cells at once, copy and pasting data from one cell into multiple other cells, copy and pasting from Excel and many other features. In this blog post I want to show you just the new features.

New table view window

New table view window

You can now group, search, sort and filter fields. In the screenshot below, you can see that the dives are grouped by country and city. You can also see the summary panel at the bottom, which displays statistics based on the filtered dives. Clicking on a column header will sort the data.

Group panel with 2 levels

Group panel with 2 levels

The build in search panel provides real time search, filter and highlighting functionality. The search and replace window from version 5.0 is still there and can be accessed from the “Replace” toolbar button.

Build in search panel

Build in search panel

You can pin columns to the left or right (fixed columns), so they stay in view if you scroll horizontally. You can also remove and reorder columns, by dragging them with the mouse. Right click the column headers to get a context menu with many additional features.

Fixed columns

Fixed columns

To quickly add new data to your logbook, you can now add any number of rows to the end of the table. Then you can start filling the data fields with the normal data editing capabilities, including multiple cell editing, automatic renumbering of the selected dives, pasting from Excel, etc.

Add new rows

Add new rows

This is just a quick overview of the great new datagrid control in Diving Log 6.0.

Logbook Filter and more

Saturday, April 21st, 2012

Today you can download a new beta version with some great new features:

  • New filter function for all output windows
  • vCard import for buddy details
  • UDDF 3.x import support
  • HeinrichsWeikamp Frog download support
  • Several bug fixes and other minor improvements

With the new filter window, you can create filters for any output window (logbook, details data, table editor, dive site map, statistics, printing and exports). Filters allow you to view, export or print only a subset of your logbook data, based on any criteria you want. For example, you can now view the statistics just for one year or just for your rebreather dives. You can export or print only dives where you’ve dived with just one particular buddy. Or you can view in the map window only dive sites, which are deeper than 30 m and with a rating of 5 stars (just an example).

To create a filter, click the new filter icon you’ll find now in most toolbars:

Logbook Filter

Statistics Filter

Export Filter

Then you will see on the right side of the current window the new filter toolbox, where you can add with “AND/OR” any number of criteria for every database field. As soon as you add, edit or delete filters, you can see the results live in the output window.

Filter Toolbox

Edit Filter

To edit a filter row, just double click it or hit the edit button in the toolbar. That way you can easily refine your filter until you get the data you want. You can save your filter to a file and reload it later on. You can also exchange filters between identical database tables, e.g. between statistics, logbook and table window or between dive site details and dive site map.

vCard Import: In the Buddy details you can import now vCard files, which can be created by most contact and email applications and webmail apps:

vCard Import

Click here to download the update beta setup file. This is an update from the current version 5.0.6. If you have an older version than 5.0.6, please update first to 5.0.6 and then install the beta update. Please let me know how you like the new filter function, if it works for you or if you see any crashes or bugs. The filter function integrates deeply into many parts of the application, so I want to make sure I’ve not broken any existing functionality.


Diving Log 5.0 – Hierarchical Browser

Wednesday, April 29th, 2009

Before I talk about the new “Hierarchical Browser” in Diving Log 5.0, I want to show you another feature in the table editor I’ve wrote about in my last blog entry. Due to a recent user request who wanted sort (renumber) only a range of dives I’ve added to the table editor also a “renumber” function which makes it possible to select a range of dives and only renumber these dives with any start number. This gives you the possibility to create “gaps” in your logbook, e.g. if you want to log only dives 1 – 10, 50 – 150 and then starting from 300, for example. This is not easily possible in Diving Log 4.0 which could only renumber all dives at once.

Renumber Dives

Renumber Dives

The new “Hierarchical Browser” replaces (or better merge) the existing location, buddy and dive type statistics you see in Diving Log 4.0. These 3 windows are now included in one tree view window with a single list view on the right side. You can navigate through the several levels and drill down to the single dives which match the criteria (not possible in 4.0).

Hierarchical Browser

Hierarchical Browser

Dives as this dive site

Dives at this dive site

You can copy the list on the right side in an Excel compatible format and I’ve added also another tree which allows you to browse the dives chronological:

Chronological Tree

Chronological Tree

Diving Log 5.0 – Logbook Table

Tuesday, April 21st, 2009

Today I want to show you the logbook table window of Diving Log 5.0. This window got some significant improvements which will make especially those users happy, who hasn’t Microsoft Access installed. As you may know, Diving Log is using an Access database as logbook file which gives you the possibility to edit the raw data of your logbook directly in the database. The advantage is that this is a very easy and fast way to enter or modify a large number of dives or importing data from Excel, for example. But Access is only included in the expensive Office versions, so most users probably won’t have it.

The Diving Log 5.0 logbook table has now a view mode and an edit mode. In view mode the window looks almost the same as in version 4.0:

Logbook Table

Logbook Table

But now you can also enable a side pane which can display the dive profile, dive site map, buddy photo etc. and multi line comments:

Sidepane and context menu

Side pane and context menu

Sidepane with dive site map

Side pane with dive site map

Another great feature is the new find and replace window. You can see this window in Access or Excel, this one in Diving Log is almost identical and is a great help if you want to replace data from a large amount of records.

Find and Replace

Find and Replace

In edit mode you can use the replace function you see in the screenshot above. But you can also edit the raw data directly in the grid in the same way as you could do it in Access or Excel. As an additional feature you can select several cells and start typing. When you press enter, all selected cells will contain this data.

Editing several cells at once

Editing several cells at once

You can copy and paste single or multiple cells within the Diving Log table or between Excel and Diving Log. If you copy a single cell, then select a range of empty cells and paste the data, the data will be pasted into all selected cells at once.

Copy and Paste from Excel

Copy and Paste from Excel

As you can see, the logbook table window is now a really powerful feature and extremely useful if you don’t have Access installed. If you have some dives in Excel, this is also an easy way to get your data into Diving Log. Because you edit the raw data as it is stored in the database, the table editor supports only metric units when it is in edit mode. In view mode the table displays also imperial units. This editor supports the standard keyboard shortcuts like Ctrl-C (Copy), Ctrl-V (Paste) and Ctrl-F (Find).