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Diving Log 6.0.28 released

Saturday, April 8th, 2023

A new update for Diving Log 6.0 has been released with the following new features:

  • Diving Log Documents folder configurable
  • Logbook Comments: insert links
  • User Defined Fields: URLs clickable
  • Downloader: Deepblu Cosmiq, Oceans S1 Support
  • Downloader: Import GPS position for Divesoft and Garmin
  • UDDF Import: Apple Watch Ultra Support (via AWU2UDDF)

This was a common request: you can finally configure the Diving Log Documents folder. Up to now, all Diving Log related files (e.g. reports, layouts, filters, etc) were stored in C:\Users\Your Name\Documents\Diving Log. This folder can now be changed in the settings screen:

Configure Diving Log Folder

In the logbook window, you can now insert links in the comments and user defined fields. You can open a link (website, email or file) with Ctrl+Click:

Insert links in comments

Insert links in user defined fields

The UDDF import was improved to support files from the AWU2UDDF app, which exports dive data from the Apple Watch Ultra into UDDF format.

Last but not least: the website domain has changed from to

Diving Log 6.0 – Comments & Photos

Saturday, April 11th, 2015

The comments field supports now two modes: plain text and RTF (Rich-Text-Format). By default, the formatting controls are disabled for new dives and comments are saved as plain text. If you want to enable formatting, click on the “Rich Text” button in the comments toolbar:

Enable Rich Text to use formattings

Enable Rich Text to use formatting

This can be done for each dive independently. When syncing with smartphones and tablets, the formatting is lost anyways and most users probably don’t use the formatting options for most dives, so it makes sense to activate RTF only for those dives, which need formatting. There is also a new spell checker included, which can be activated for the comments field.

Photo Tab

Photo Tab

The Exif display for photos is now improved. The most important Exif data is displayed in a single text field row. When clicking the button at the end of the field, you get a very detailed popup with lots of additional information:

Detailed EXIF data for each photo

Detailed Exif data for each photo

Diving Log 5.0 – Logbook Comments

Sunday, March 8th, 2009

The comments section in the logbook has been improved a lot. As you can see in the screenshot below the comments tab of the ribbon has now a lot more advanced features which you can find in any modern word processor. You can insert images, but you can also load any rich text file (*.rtf) created by Word, WordPad or any other program like OpenOffice for other features like tables.

Logbook Comments

Logbook Comments

In the screenshot the “Quick Access Toolbar” is configured to be displayed below the ribbon and contain icons to create a new dive, save the dive and navigate through the logbook. In this way you don’t have to switch to the “Home” tab of the ribbon while formatting your comments. But you can configure of course the Quick Access Toolbar yourself (the location and the containing icons).

When you click the small icon in the lower right corner of the “Font” group in the ribbon you can open the standard font dialog to format the comments.

Font Dialog

Font Dialog