Diving Log 5.0 – Hierarchical Browser

Before I talk about the new “Hierarchical Browser” in Diving Log 5.0, I want to show you another feature in the table editor I’ve wrote about in my last blog entry. Due to a recent user request who wanted sort (renumber) only a range of dives I’ve added to the table editor also a “renumber” function which makes it possible to select a range of dives and only renumber these dives with any start number. This gives you the possibility to create “gaps” in your logbook, e.g. if you want to log only dives 1 – 10, 50 – 150 and then starting from 300, for example. This is not easily possible in Diving Log 4.0 which could only renumber all dives at once.

Renumber Dives

Renumber Dives

The new “Hierarchical Browser” replaces (or better merge) the existing location, buddy and dive type statistics you see in Diving Log 4.0. These 3 windows are now included in one tree view window with a single list view on the right side. You can navigate through the several levels and drill down to the single dives which match the criteria (not possible in 4.0).

Hierarchical Browser

Hierarchical Browser

Dives as this dive site

Dives at this dive site

You can copy the list on the right side in an Excel compatible format and I’ve added also another tree which allows you to browse the dives chronological:

Chronological Tree

Chronological Tree

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5 Responses to “Diving Log 5.0 – Hierarchical Browser”

  1. froop says:

    If you double-click a dive in the right-hand panel, will that bring up the details of selected dive in the logbook window?

  2. divinglog says:

    Yes, this is planned, but I cannot program this at the moment because the windows are currently small seperate projects. I first have to merge everything into the main project and then I can program these window to window functions.

  3. Jan says:

    With DL4 and iPhone. In “Dive Sites” on PC, I added a map of the site, after sync with iPhone, I can’t see the map on iPhone. I did something wrong ? If not, will it be possible with DL5 ?

  4. divinglog says:

    Graphic files are currently not synced to the iPhone, because they are not stored in the database. Maybe this could be done in future, but I have to discuss this with Greg, the iPhone Dive Log developer.

  5. jan says:

    Hope Greg will help and maybe the iPhone 3.0 (summer 2009) should help on this topic. Imagine how practical it can be to have dive sites map on the iPhone. Anyway thanks for all the job already done !!!