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Diving Log 6.0.7 released

Wednesday, December 7th, 2016

The latest update Diving Log 6.0.7 is now available with the following new features:

  • Share on Facebook
  • Layout Improvements (Group Style, XML Formatting, Empty Layout)
  • New Layouts (Subsurface, Shearwater, SuuntoDM)
  • Filter Improvements (Divetype, BuddyIDs, UsedEquip)
  • Detail Data Sorting (Buddies, Shops, Trips)
  • Cloud Sync Folder Config Button
  • Logbook Profile Graphic export improvements
  • Bug fixes and other improvements

You can now easily share any dive profile on Facebook directly from Diving Log. Optionally you can add photos and a message to the post, which will appear right on your timeline:

Share on Facebook

I’ve added a number of improvements to the logbook layout function. You can now change the style of layout groups, which was not possible previously. When you save a layout file, the XML syntax within the *.lay file is now formatted properly, so it is a lot easier to do some editing in a text or xml editor. Sometimes it is easier to do minor changes with a text editor directly in the *.lay file instead of using the layout function. I’ve also added an empty layout which you can use as a starting base to create your own layout, so you don’t have to clear up an existing layout.

Layout group style and empty layout

Better layout XML formatting

During my tests of the layout editor, I’ve created 3 new layouts myself to see how everything works. The layouts are roughly inspired by other applications (Suunto DM, Shearwater Desktop and Subsurface) and can be downloaded from the layout website.

You can now also save a 64 x 48px image with the same name as the layout file into the layout folder. The image will be used as icon in the layout selection list in the logbook window for your custom layouts.

Shearwater Layout

Subsurface Layout

Suunto DM Layout

In the filter window, you can now apply filters to the dive type and equipment fields more easily by selecting them from a dropdown list. In the Buddy, Shop and Trip window you can change the sort order of the list. In the Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive and ownCloud sync dialog you can now configure the sync folder manually, if it isn’t picked automatically. And last but not least you can configure the profile graphic export format.

Logbook filter improvements

Detail data sort order

Cloud sync folder configuration

Profile graphic export

Version 5.0.3 Beta 3 available

Sunday, March 20th, 2011

Today I’ve uploaded a new beta version which contains the following new features:

Download Links:

As usual, please provide feedback if you see any problems or bugs. Please note, the SAC rate calculation is still not correct for multiple and/or double tanks in this beta, which is a known issue.

GPS and new coordinate panel

Friday, September 10th, 2010

In my last post I’ve showed you the GPS Tool for Windows Mobile. Today I’ve released a new beta version of Diving Log 5.0 which adds GPS support and a new coordinate panel to the dive site window:

Full Setup (26 MB)
Update from 5.0.0 (19 MB)
Update from previous beta (2.4 MB)

When you click the new “GPS” button in the toolbar, Diving Log will retrieve the current GPS position when a GPS device is connected. If you have a Windows Mobile phone with GPS you can use the phone as GPS device for your PC (click here for instructions).

In this version you can switch also between several coordinate formats for latitude and longitude and view dive sites easily in Google Maps, Google Earth and Bing Maps. Please let me know how these new features work for you.

Dive Site Editor

Coordinate Formats

Diving Log 5.0 – Equipment

Wednesday, July 29th, 2009

I’ve finished the dive equipment management window which is also the window for country, city, dive site and buddy management, so including the other data is straightforward. There are some small but nice improvements:

Equipment Management

Equipment Management

Keyboard shortcuts enable adding and editing data without ever touching the mouse. Simply press Ctrl-N for adding a new item, the cursor jumps automatically into the first field. When you’ve entered the data press Ctrl-S to save the data. With the Del key you can delete one or more items.

The new instant search field in the upper right corner (Ctrl-F put the cursor into the box) lets you filter the displayed data in the list, which is useful for long lists like dive sites.

In order to view images like the equipment photo or the dive site map properly I’ve added a new built-in lightweight image viewer. You can view any image just by clicking it with the mouse when you see the magnifier cursor.

Click to open the Image Viewer

Click to open the Image Viewer

Image Viewer

Image Viewer

The Image Viewer can be used across the whole application, e.g. by clicking the certification images, in the logbook table or from the logbook photo section. Currently it has only some basic features, but I want to add more features in future like a thumbnail view, printing and a slideshow.