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Diving Log 5.0.5 released

Sunday, August 28th, 2011

You can download a small bug fix update, which contains the following new features:

  • Universal Downloader Update with support for Suunto D4i, D6i, D9tx and Oceanic Atom 3.0 and VT4
  • Suunto Downloader Update
  • Small improvement in iPhone Sync
  • Suunto Dive Manager import supports gas switches
  • Labels for vertical and horizontal visibility in logbook were switched, now fixed
  • Other minor bug fixes

iPad Dive Log released

Saturday, March 5th, 2011

Greg from MoreMobileSoftware just released a free update of Dive Log for Apple iOS devices. It contains now a native version for the iPad, which makes full use of the big tablet screen. It really looks great as you can see in the screenshots below and of course it is fully compatible with Diving Log 5.0. When you’ve run an older version of Dive Log on your iPad you will get automatically the new tablet UI after the update.

Dive Log Portrait

Dive Log Landscape

iPad Dive Sites

iPad Dive Site

iPhone Dive Log 1.4 available

Thursday, June 24th, 2010

Greg’s iPhone Dive Log 1.4 is now available in the iTunes App Store and brings compatibility with the just released iOS 4. Together with the previous version 1.3 from May it contains many new features:

Version 1.4

• Support for iOS 4 and the most recent phones.

• Certifications are now sorted by date in the Personal tab.

• Call, or email Buddies from the Buddies tab.

• Dutch localization.

• Minor bug fixes and corrections.

Version 1.3

Expanded Equipment Management

• You can now set additional information about your dive Equipment including purchase details, serial number, warranty information and upcoming service dates. There is a new setting in the settings tab to control how far in advance Dive Log will notify you about upcoming Equipment service dates. The default for this setting is “never”, but you can set a different period (for example “1 week before”) to turn on notifications. Notifications are indicated by the application badge. The application badge will be updated even when the application is not running if you are running on a recent version of the platform software* that supports push notifications.

View Dive Site Maps within Dive Log and get directions via external applications

• Dive Log now shows Dive Site locations on a Map within the application if you are running on a more recent version of the platform software*. This new embedded map also has a new control to measure the approximate distance from your current location to the selected dive site. You also now have the option of getting directions to the site from the Maps application or a 3rd party navigation application if you have a supported one installed (see our website for details).

Landscape mode is now supported throughout Dive Log

• You can now rotate your iPhone and get a landscape view of each screen. This is particularly useful in the photo viewer, the profile viewer and the new map view. You may also find it useful when typing in comments to take advantage of the more spacious landscape keyboard. Full landscape mode support is only available when running a more recent version of the platform software*.

Many smaller improvements have also been added in response to specific customer requests.

* – Dive Log will run on older versions of iPhoneOS, however for the best experience we recommend running on iOS 4.

New iPhone Dive Log 1.2 released

Wednesday, November 11th, 2009

Apple has just approved Greg’s latest iPhone version 1.2, which has some great new features. To take advantage of some of the features you should use already Diving Log 5.0 beta. Version 5.0 can store images (country flags, dive site photos, certification scans and personal photo) in the database additionally to linking the image file. That means, images added with Diving Log 5.0 will show up in the iPhone Dive Log 1.2 after synchronization. And images added on the iPhone will show up automatically in Diving Log 5.0 after syncing back to the desktop computer, even if the image files are not on your computer. Photos added to dives will not be stored in the database, because this would result in a really large database file, which slows down synchronization. To update your existing records and store linked images also in the database you must save each entry with an image again. Then you can sync your logbook to the iPhone and the images should be displayed.

Divesite Map in Diving Log 5.0

Divesite map in Diving Log 5.0

Divesite Map

Divesite map on iPhone

Divesite Map on iPhone

Divesite map on iPhone

Country Flags

Country Flags

Another feature in iPhone Dive Log 1.2 is support for buddy signatures. Your buddy can use his finger to sign a dive and you can sync the signature later back to the desktop computer and even print it. To display the signature in Diving Log 5.0 beta you must load the extended layout file or drag and drop the signature panel into the logbook window.

iPhone Signature

iPhone Signature

iPhone Signature

iPhone Signature

Logbook with signature

Logbook with signature

Import into existing dives

Friday, July 17th, 2009

This has been requested for quite a long time now, mainly by iPhone and Window Mobile users: the ability to enter the basic information directly after the dive in the mobile application, sync this data to the desktop and download or import the dive profile and other data from the dive computer to complete the logbook data. Up to now this was some pain, because you had to copy and paste the profile data into the existing dives. To make this really work well I had to add a way to import dives not only to the end of the logbook, but also to update existing dives.

What sounds very easy at first glance was in reality some challenge if I want to do it right. I had to make sure that the import wizard GUI communicates well what will happen during the import to avoid confusion. I had to make sure that I don’t overwrite existing data (data which was already entered in the mobile application).  And last but not least I had to find an elegant way to implement this with reasonable effort for the many importers and downloaders which are included in Diving Log. Curiously it took more than half a year to find the right way and the best solution for this task, but programming and testing this feature took only 2 days. But sometimes it is worth to wait a little bit longer for the right idea.

There is now an additional step in the import wizard, nothing spectacular, but I think it communicates well the results you can expect:

Import into existing dives

This feature is now available for the existing .NET based importers, which are: BFT Tiger, HS Explorer, Liquivision X1, DAN DL7, Shearwater, APD Inspiration, UDCF, UDDF, NiTek Logic and MacDive. Next week I’ll release an update for the downloaders Uwatec Smart, Aladin, Memomouse (new beta), Suunto, OSTC and Sensus Ultra which includes also this feature. I try to convert the most important other importers (Mares IRIS/DRAK, Oceanlog, Suunto DM,…) as soon as possible also to .NET so that most Diving Log users can make use of it.

Download this zip file and extract it into the Diving Log program folder:

I know this one took a while, thank you for your patience!

iPhone Dive Log demo video

Tuesday, July 7th, 2009

The guys from TUAW (The Unofficial Apple Weblog) recorded a demo video at Apples WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) showing the iPhone Dive Log application. For more information about the synchronization with Diving Log click here. BTW, Greg has also a blog for the iPhone Dive Log.