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Diving Log 6.0.24 released

Wednesday, January 26th, 2022

A new update for Diving Log 6.0 is now available for download. I’ve added a bunch of bigger and minor new features as well as some bug fixes:

  • Logbook: Equipment Sets
  • Logbook: User Defined fields dropdown lists
  • Logbook: Show profile context menu with single touch
  • Logbook: Focus dive list after window startup
  • Logbook: Create subtitles for videos
  • Logbook: Slideshow memory leak fixed
  • Map: View dive sites from dive trip
  • Map: Option to show sites without dives with different flag
  • Marine Life: Copy & Paste to other dives
  • Marine Life: EOL import update existing entries
  • Marine Life: Search across all fields
  • Android USB Sync: Device recognition fixed
  • Downloader: Crest CR-4, Genesis Centauri, Tusa TC1

Here I want to show you some of the new features:

Equipment Sets:

I think this was one of the most and longest requested feature and I’m happy that it is finally available. You can now easily group your equipment items in sets and use them to quickly check the equipment items you’ve used for a dive. You can select more than one set without clearing the previous selection.

Equipment Sets

User Defined Fields:

You can now easily select previous entries in the user defined fields from the new dropdown lists:

User defined dropdowns

Copy and paste marine life:

You can now transfer selected marine life with copy and paste from one dive to another, which is a lot faster than manually selecting your sightings for every dive:

Copy and paste marine life

Dive sites from trip:

You can now quickly view and navigate to all dive sites from a specific trip in the map window. They can be overlayed with a polygon in two ways, as border or chronological (best suited for liveaboards). There is now also an option to show dive sites without dives in a different color or transparent:

Dive sites grouped by trip

Chronological order for liveaboards

Video Subtitles:

You can right click video files from dives and automatically create subtitle files, which show depth, time and temperature in video players like VLC. Subitles will be saved as separate file in the same location as the video, so your video files won’t be modified and you can delete subtitles again. In order to get this working, the date and time of the camera has to be in sync with the dive computer date/time. You can manually set the date/time of the video from the same context menu:

Dive data subtitles in video files

Import from EOL into existing items:

If you’ve manually added marine life items, you can now update them with data from Only empty fields will be filled with EOL data and links to dives will be preserved that way:

EOL import

Other changes and fixes:

Tapping profiles on touch screens will now open the context menu to quickly change the profile type. The dive list is now focused when the logbook window opens, so you can start navigating the dives with the cursor keys on your keyboard. The photo slideshow in the logbook will now work properly with lots of images. Previously a memory leak made it stop working after viewing several images. If you’ve had problems with the Android USB sync device recognition, please try it again in this version. And the downloader got some new device support as well.

Diving Log 6.0.22 released

Wednesday, June 9th, 2021

I’m happy to announce a huge update to photos in Diving Log. Because this is not only about photos anymore, the section in the logbook window is now named “Media”. You can now add any file type and even online photos and YouTube videos directly to your dives. Here are the new features in this update:

  • Relative photo path names option
  • Add online photos and YouTube videos to dives
  • Add videos and other file types to dives
  • Photo Slideshow
  • Photos drag & drop support
  • Photos logbook context menu
  • .heic image format support
  • Use correct image rotation based on Exif data
  • Show photos in profile
  • Photo Manager improvements
  • Rotation buttons in Image Viewer
  • iCloud Sync in Web menu
  • Downloader: Suunto EON Steel Black, Sherwood Amphos 2.0, Sporasub SP2

I’ve linked the first two items to a more detailed description page. In a nutshell, you now have the choice of absolute (default) or relative path names for any file you link in your logbook. In addition, you can add image and YouTube URL’s to your dives. And you can add any file type from your PC, e.g. videos, Word or PDF documents. And there is a new photo slideshow function:

Add links and other files to your dives

You can drag and drop files from Explorer or the web browser to the thumbnail list in the logbook window and to the image field in the details windows (e.g. dive sites, etc). There is a new context menu in the thumbnail list and the .heic image format used by iPhones is now supported by Diving Log.

Photos with rotation information in the Exif data are now displayed in the correct orientation. And if your underwater camera date/time setting is synchronized with the date/time from the dive computer, the photos and videos are shown in the dive profile, so you can see exactly where you’ve captured them:

See where you’ve captured a photo or video

Photo Manager got some great improvements as well: it will now show you all images from all sections in your logbook file. And you can switch between absolute and relative path names for all selected images with one click:

Switch between absolute & relative path names

The integrated image viewer in Diving Log got rotation buttons (just for display, the file won’t be rotated or modified in any way). In the “Web” toolbar menu in the main window you will find a new entry for iCloud synchronization. And the downloader supports now a few more dive computers as well: thanks to Jef Driesen from libdivecomputer.

Photo Manager and Image Viewer

Saturday, May 9th, 2015

The Photo Manager, which can be launched from the menu “Logbook > Photo Manager”, will list all your photos which are attached to your dives. It helps you to find broken links (photos which are not linked to any dive) or broken path names (the image file could not be found). The icons in the first column will be displayed when there is something wrong. Use the “Select” toolbar button to select similar photos.

Photo Manager

Photo Manager

You can also batch edit all selected photos to fix path names or to add descriptions. Simply select one or more photos in the list and edit the values in the text boxes below. Editing the path will just edit the directory part for all selected photos, but it won’t change the individual file names:

Batch editing of photos

Batch editing of photos

When you click on the image preview in the Photo Manager or in any other window (e.g. logbook, details, etc.) you can view the image in the built-in image viewer. When you deactivate the “Autosize” button, you can zoom with the mouse wheel, toolbar slider or on a touch screen with a “pinch-to-zoom” gesture. You can also view the image full screen by pressing “Enter”, “F11” or with a double click.

Image Viewer

Image Viewer

You can also view the exif data in the sidebar and when the photo is geo-tagged, you can view the location where the photo was taken on a map. If you don’t have a GPS enabled camera, you can geo-tag your existing photos with a tool or a website like GeoImgr.

Diving Log 6.0 – Comments & Photos

Saturday, April 11th, 2015

The comments field supports now two modes: plain text and RTF (Rich-Text-Format). By default, the formatting controls are disabled for new dives and comments are saved as plain text. If you want to enable formatting, click on the “Rich Text” button in the comments toolbar:

Enable Rich Text to use formattings

Enable Rich Text to use formatting

This can be done for each dive independently. When syncing with smartphones and tablets, the formatting is lost anyways and most users probably don’t use the formatting options for most dives, so it makes sense to activate RTF only for those dives, which need formatting. There is also a new spell checker included, which can be activated for the comments field.

Photo Tab

Photo Tab

The Exif display for photos is now improved. The most important Exif data is displayed in a single text field row. When clicking the button at the end of the field, you get a very detailed popup with lots of additional information:

Detailed EXIF data for each photo

Detailed Exif data for each photo

New iPhone Dive Log 1.2 released

Wednesday, November 11th, 2009

Apple has just approved Greg’s latest iPhone version 1.2, which has some great new features. To take advantage of some of the features you should use already Diving Log 5.0 beta. Version 5.0 can store images (country flags, dive site photos, certification scans and personal photo) in the database additionally to linking the image file. That means, images added with Diving Log 5.0 will show up in the iPhone Dive Log 1.2 after synchronization. And images added on the iPhone will show up automatically in Diving Log 5.0 after syncing back to the desktop computer, even if the image files are not on your computer. Photos added to dives will not be stored in the database, because this would result in a really large database file, which slows down synchronization. To update your existing records and store linked images also in the database you must save each entry with an image again. Then you can sync your logbook to the iPhone and the images should be displayed.

Divesite Map in Diving Log 5.0

Divesite map in Diving Log 5.0

Divesite Map

Divesite map on iPhone

Divesite Map on iPhone

Divesite map on iPhone

Country Flags

Country Flags

Another feature in iPhone Dive Log 1.2 is support for buddy signatures. Your buddy can use his finger to sign a dive and you can sync the signature later back to the desktop computer and even print it. To display the signature in Diving Log 5.0 beta you must load the extended layout file or drag and drop the signature panel into the logbook window.

iPhone Signature

iPhone Signature

iPhone Signature

iPhone Signature

Logbook with signature

Logbook with signature

Diving Log 5.0 – Logbook Photos

Tuesday, March 10th, 2009

In this post I want to show you the improvements in the photo section of the logbook. As you can see in the screenshot below you have now 2 ways to navigate through the images attached to a dive. You can use the dropdown combo box or the new thumbnail preview list. The dropdown preserves a lot of space which is useful for small screens and the thumbnail list is better for wide screens. But you can also use both together.

Logbook Photos

Logbook Photos

You can now edit the photo description directly in the logbook window. In version 4.0 this is only possible in the Photo Manager window. And you can view the Exif data of digital camera photos. With the “Open” button in the ribbon you can view the current image either in the default application, in the Diving Log Viewer or open the Explorer folder containing the image.

Photos and Exif data

Photos and Exif data