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Diving Log 5.0 Launch Recap

Monday, April 12th, 2010

When I launched Diving Log 5.0 two weeks ago I knew that the following days will be a tough time for me, and as things turned out, I proved to be right.

During the past two weeks I had 37 GB of traffic (split onto 2 servers). On the peak April 9 – April 11 there were 18 GB of traffic. I’m really surprised that the server didn’t went down, kudos to my Hoster. Within those two weeks, I received and answered 380 emails (not including spam, notifications and forum posts). During the 3 day peak I got 160 emails and answered every single one. I still get a lot of questions which are answered in the FAQ. If you’ve lost your unlock keys, please make use of this automatic tool, even though this works not in every case: your email could have changed, some email providers block those automatic emails from the server and new keys will take up to 4 weeks to appear in the online tool. In this case, just write me an email as usual.

I didn’t have expected that everything will run smoothly, even after a half year long beta test. Overall it was not too bad – the two major problems (crashing print function and an issue with the installer) are both 3rd party components. The installer issue disappeared after I obtained the latest version. For the print crash there is a workaround by downloading this zip file and extracting it into the 5.0 program folder. You should do this only when the print function currently crashes on your computer, because the profile draw quality is not so good in this workaround.

I already bought the latest version of the print engine which hopefully fixes the issue completely. I’ll test this within the next few days and provide an update as soon as possible. Version 5.0.1 should be also appearing in the near future. Most localization is now also completed. Here you can download an update for Catalan, Dutch, Italian and Russian. French is in the works. For Czech, Finnish and Polish I still need translators.

New Diving Log Blog

Saturday, February 28th, 2009

Hello Everybody

Welcome to the new Diving Log Blog! I’m thinking about starting a blog about the Diving Log development for quite some time and I think now it’s a good time to start.

What can you expect from this blog? I’m not sure how frequent I’ll post and how everything develops, this is my first blog so we’ll see. I also think it’s better to spend most time in developing Diving Log instead of writing a lot of things and don’t actually do it. But I feel also the need to give you some insights what’s going on between official releases and minor updates. And I don’t want that you have to search for these things in the forum which was in the past the only source of “unofficial news”. I’ll make the blog layout a little nicer in the future, but for the beginning it should be fine.

I’ll write this blog in English only, so everyone can read it (I’m sorry for my German users, but I can’t write everything twice in this case). And as English is not my native language I want to ask all native English readers to be patient with me. When you see some odd spelling or grammar or don’t understand at all what I try to say, please write me. 😉

As some of you may know, I’m currently working hard on Diving Log 5.0, the next major version. New users, don’t be afraid: the update will be for free for most users and for everyone buying Diving Log 4.0 at this time. I’ll blog more about the 5.0 development in the next posts, so stay tuned!