iPad Dive Log released

Greg from MoreMobileSoftware just released a free update of Dive Log for Apple iOS devices. It contains now a native version for the iPad, which makes full use of the big tablet screen. It really looks great as you can see in the screenshots below and of course it is fully compatible with Diving Log 5.0. When you’ve run an older version of Dive Log on your iPad you will get automatically the new tablet UI after the update.

Dive Log Portrait

Dive Log Landscape

iPad Dive Sites

iPad Dive Site

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7 Responses to “iPad Dive Log released”

  1. Ian McConnell says:

    This has made Diving Log so much better. Keep up the fantastic work.

  2. […] I will support the Xeo and Xen in Diving Log, which can sync to iPhone and the just released iPad Dive Log. […]

  3. Michael says:

    Just did buy this app, very nice!

    Just wondering one thing: when i make an new dive on the ipad say dive 60 en put only some diveside info on it and i readout the computer later on the pc en after that i say sync ipad to pc will the info merge?

  4. Luca says:

    Right. Using the iPhone version, I was asking myself te same question. Didn’t test it, but I would assume that computer would always override …
    Is that so ?

  5. divinglog says:

    To merge the iPhone/iPad dive with the dive data from the computer, sync first your iOS device back to the PC and then download the data from the dive computer. In the last step of the import wizard, select the option “Update existing dives” and select the first new dive from the iOS device. Make sure that the number and order of iPad and computer matches and that you select the correct first dive to start the updating.

    No existing data will be overwritten, only empty fields will be updated. There are only a few exceptions like max. depth and entry time, where the data from the computer is usually more correct.

    See also this blog post: http://www.divinglog.de/blog/?p=253

  6. Luca says:

    Can you provide the list of parameters that are overwritten, regardless if they are set or not ?

  7. divinglog says:

    These are always overwritten:

    max. Depth
    Profile Inverval