Marine Life

You can manage all kind of marine life sightings with Diving Log. First, click on “Marine Life” in the details menu of the main window:

Open Marine Life Window

Marine Life Details

You can either add manually critters into this window, or you can import from the Encyclopedia of Life by clicking on the “Import” toolbar item:


You can now search for a common or scientific name. I recommend to use Google (or any other search) and Wikipedia to find the scientific name for a common name and copy/paste that into the EOL search box in Diving Log. That gives you the best result and is faster than searching by common name:

EOL Import

Once you’ve found the animal you’re looking for, you can select a picture, classification and optionally the description and import everything into your logbook. The field “Category” is up to you, for example you can use “Sharks” or “Turtles”. You can use the Filter function to filter your marine life collection by classification or category:

Filtering your collection

You can now add your sightings during a dive in the logbook window:

Marine Life Sightings

If you want to know the dives where you’ve seen a certain fish, you can use the Tree Browser to navigate through your logbook:

Tree Browser

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