iOS Sync Issues

If the iOS synchronization does not work or suddenly stopped working, there are some common issues and solutions which you can try before contacting the support:

  1. Make sure you’ve installed either iTunes or Bonjour from the Apple website. iTunes installed from the Windows Store does not work for synchronization, please download and install it from the Apple website.
  2. Disable temporarily your firewall. A lot of firewall products block the communication between the iOS Dive Log and Diving Log on Windows. Especially Avast and AVG (see below) is causing problems and you have disable it during synchronization like that:
    1. Open Avast
    2. Click on “Settings”
    3. Click on “Active Protection”
    4. Click on the “On/Off” switch next to “Web Shield”
    5. Choose the appropriate item from the menu that appears (Stop for 10 minutes, Stop permanently, etc.)

      Disable Avast Web Shield

      Disable Avast Web Shield

  3. If the first solution does not work, restart your iPhone (switch completely off and on) and WiFi router (unplug it for one minute from the power).
  4. Make sure your iOS device and PC are connected to the same local network.

If you’re running AVG, you have to disable Web Shield like that:

Click on “Web & Email”

Click on “Web Shield”

Disable Web Shield temporarily during sync

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