Version 5.0.3 Beta 1 available

Today you can download the first beta of the upcoming version 5.0.3. There will be more beta releases in the following weeks, because version 5.0.3 is a big update with many changes in the database logbook format. Before downloading and installing, please read these important comments:

  • This is a beta, so it could crash and probably contain bugs
  • Please backup all your logbook files, before installing this beta! During the first app launch, your logbook file format will be updated. After this update, it can no longer be edited with any previous Diving Log version (including 5.0.2). So if you ever want to downgrade to an older Diving Log version, you will need your backup! If you try to edit the new logbook format with an older Diving Log version, the application will crash!

Known issues / limitations:

  • Only the OSTC downloader currently imports gas and tank switch information automatically.
  • CCR is currently not yet supported
  • Exporting, printing and statistics make not yet use of the new data
  • SAC calculation works not yet correctly with multiple tanks and double tanks
  • Deleting tanks, which are already used in the dive profile, will cause drawing issues. You have to reset the whole gas switch data for this dive and add the switches again.

What’s included in this beta:

Extended Layout 2

Remember, you can add any button to the quick access toolbar, so it's just one click away

Download Links:

I hope you enjoy the new features and please provide feedback, especially if you see any crashes or problems (including usability issues). Thank you!

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4 Responses to “Version 5.0.3 Beta 1 available”

  1. Martijn says:

    Works like a charm, thanks a lot for the update!

  2. mike says:

    Could not get to load Ive just purchased full version and it hangs on start up with me now!

  3. divinglog says:

    Hi Mike, please email me some more infos: info (at)

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