Diving Log 5.0 – First beta available

I’m very happy to announce that you can download now the first beta version of Diving Log 5.0. I’ve tested several pre-beta builds in the last 2 weeks with some Diving Log users and the overall feedback was very positive, so I decided to make this release public and everyone can download and try it.

Please note that this is still a beta, it is not feature complete and it could contain bugs. The purpose of this beta test is to find bugs and usability issues, please do not report missing features at this time. But I want to hear of course your feedback and what you think about it. I’m sure I will update this beta in the next few weeks relatively often to fix bugs and I won’t write every time a blog post, so I created a website where you can see the last update date of the beta. Please check this site often to get the latest build:

Diving Log 5.0 – Beta Download

If you find any issues, please post them in the beta forum (English | German) or email me. Take a quick look into the existing postings if this problem was already posted, this way we avoid double reports of bugs. But you can email me of course, too.

Thank you for your patience over the last few months, I know it was a long time and some of you are waiting for features that are still not yet included. But I’ve rewritten the code base of an application, which is 10 years old, in only 10 month. I think this is not too bad πŸ˜‰ I’m very excited about this release and I’ll be looking forward to hearing what you think of it!

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7 Responses to “Diving Log 5.0 – First beta available”

  1. DE says:

    Wow! this looks fantastic. Well worth the wait. Thanks for this awesome software.

  2. divinglog says:

    Many thanks, I’m glad you like it!

  3. Ulrich Breitkreuz says:

    Hi Sven,
    i’m thrilled about the new layout function which i immediatedly have used exessively.

    A bug report though: The print function terminates when i use preview.
    When i call the design function i get an error message concerning LogSAC which reads
    Expression: if(isnull(LogSAC)or LogSAC=””,”–“,LogSAC + l/min).
    Error: wrong type of data on right side of ‘=’ (expected: Number).

    This function however used to work properly with Diving Log 4.x

  4. divinglog says:

    Hi Ulrich

    Thank you very much! The LogSAC is now a numerical field (in version 4.0 it was a text field). Use the designer to convert the value to a string by replacing LogSAC with one of these convertions:


    You can also remove the part: or LogSAC=””

    EDIT: I’ve decided to use also a text field in version 5.0 for the SAC rate when using the 4.0 compatibility mode, to avoid a lot of support requests. With the current beta, which I’ve just uploaded, 4.0 report files should work in 5.0 without any modification. If you deactivate the 4.0 compatibility mode (in the tools menu in the print dialog), the SAC rate will be still a numeric field. I think this is the best solution.

  5. Ulrich Breitkreuz says:

    THX Sven,
    i’ve installed the update mentioned above.
    Now, in REL. 5, the function: if(isnull(LogSAC)or LogSAC=””,”–”,LogSAC + l/min) returns a number with 5 or 6 decimal digits and surpresses “l/min” e.g. “12,12345”.
    Do you have a solution for me, please?

  6. divinglog says:

    OK, I’ll fix that with the next update. The “l/min” was also not included in 4.0 and had to be added manually. In 5.0 you can use the variable “UnitSAC” for this purpose, so you would use this formula:

    LogSAC + ” ” + UnitSAC

    But maybe the unit string is just cut off due to the long number, in your case.

  7. Ulrich Breitkreuz says:

    No way to shorten the long number, mate?