Diving Log Touch Update

The first update of Diving Log Touch should be available this week in the Windows Store. I’ve tested it on Windows RT for ARM devices like the new Surface tablet, it contains some minor bug fixes and I’ve implemented the Share feature of Windows 8. The Share function can be reached from the Charms bar and allows you to share certain content from Diving Log with other apps you’ve installed on your device. It can be quite useful, but it really depends on what other apps you’ve installed and what they can do with this data. Here are some examples:

Tap the Share button in the Charms Bar to send data to other apps.

Learn more about a country by sharing it to the Wikipedia app.

Send a dive site map image via the mail app to your buddies.

Share your latest dive activity on Facebook or Twitter with your favorite social network app.

I expect that there will be many more use cases in the future, when more apps arrive in the store. Think about an app with global dive site information, where you can post or retrieve dive site data.

Diving Log Touch for Windows RT (here running on the new Surface) will be available this week.

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