Diving Log 6.0 – Unofficial Launch

Today, users of the beta version 6.0 can start updating to the final version 6.0 using the build-in update mechanism. After you’ve installed the latest update, you will see a dialog where you can enter your 5.0 unlock code and proceed with the update.

Enter your Diving Log 5.0 code

Enter your Diving Log 5.0 code

If you’ve bought version 5.0 on June 1st 2014 or later, you can update for free and receive automatically a version 6.0 unlock code. If you bought it earlier, you can update for 6.99 €. Some users (e.g. translators) can also update for free, so please make sure you click on “Next >” to see if you’re eligible for a free update.

The official launch will be July 1st. This preliminary launch is for testing the update mechanism.


5 Responses to “Diving Log 6.0 – Unofficial Launch”

  1. Brian R Paules says:

    Fantastic congratulations and thank you very much. Looking forward to using 6.0 on a consistent basis.

  2. divinglog says:

    Thank you, Brian!

  3. Graggs says:

    Great work Sven, thanks for all your help… the modest cost of the upgrade represents great value for money.

  4. divinglog says:

    Thank you very much!

  5. Brian Schultze says:

    Bought on May 22nd…argggghhhh!
    Oh well.