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Merge profiles on iPhone

Post by scubal »

Is there any way to merge profiles on the iPhone version?
I can do it in the windows (pc) version but can’t see it on the iPhone.
When I download dives from my shearwater to the iPhone it pulls in short segments of dives where I have surfaced in between as seperate dives.
I want to merge those together as one dive.
How can I do this on the iPhone?
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Re: Merge profiles on iPhone

Post by divinglog »

As far as I know there is no such function on the iPhone version at the moment. If you have the Windows version, you can sync your dives to the PC, do the merging there and then sync the logbook back to the iPhone. I'll point Greg from More Mobile Software to this thread.
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Re: Merge profiles on iPhone

Post by gregm »

As Sven mentioned, this is not currently a feature offered in Dive Log on iOS. You can, as you know, do it in Doing Log 6.0 and for Mac users, you can also merge (we call it "append") dives using DiveLogDT or the licensed version of Dive Log Manager.

It is our intention to add this support to Dive Log on iOS in the future (I can't say for sure when this might appear). However, there is a workaround that you can use specifically for the Shearwater devices to avoid the need for appending dives.

The Shearwater devices have a setting that allows you to specify how long a surface interval needs to be before a new dive is started. I think the default is 30 seconds to 1 minute. Many instructors (who surface with students regularly) change this value to 10 minutes (however you can set it to any value you like). In conjunction with this, you might want to make sure that you turn on the "Ignore Surface Samples" setting in Dive Log's settings. This will cause Dive Log to ignore those samples at the end of a dive when calculating things like air consumption rate and will not show them on your profile graph (it also matches the behavior of Diving Log 6.0 and the Shearwater's internal calculations).

Hopefully we'll have the "append" dives feature in Dive Log soon, but in the mean time hopefully this will help you avoid having too many dives that need to be appended.


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