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VooDoo Gas mobile app

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(thanks to Diving Log for allowing me to post here)

The most important aspect of safely diving with Enriched Air Nitrox is being trained properly and knowing the depth limits of the Nitrox mix. Another important aspect is finding the "best" mix for a given depth. Ignoring these factors can lead to serious injury to a diver. To make the calculations easier (and to help minimize mistakes) and to ensure you always have a nitrox calculation tool on you, I've created a mobile app to do this. The app is available on most phones and mobile devices and supports both imperial and metric calculations. I am working on translations for the app as well, but currently it is only available in English.

Here is the app description:

Simple to use Nitrox calculator which can determine your maximum operating depth (using PO2 of 1.4) and your contingency operating depth (using PO2 of 1.6) for a given Nitrox blend (FO2). Has the ability to pick "best mix" for a given expected maximum depth and once a blend has been chosen can calculate the equivalent air depth and PO2 exposure for a given depth. Includes blending instructions for Enriched Air Nitrox blenders. Ad free forever.

Available for iOS (OS v5.0 and higher for iPhone/iPad/iPod), Android (OS v2.3.3 and higher for phone/tablet), Windows 8 (Pro/RT - Windows store), Windows Phone (OS v7.1 and higher - sorry, support for 7.0 was cut in the last release) and BlackBerry (OS v10 and PlayBook OS v2.1 and higher - sorry, OS 7 and earlier will not be supported).

The application also provides blending instructions for different Nitrox mixes for those working in shops.

The Facebook page with information on the current versions for each platform and announcements of coming features and improvements can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/nitroxapp

To find the application for your mobile device, enter the app store for the device and search for 'VooDoo Gas'.

Any suggestions and improvements are always welcome, my goal is make this tool easy, safe and powerful.
Andrew Forget
PADI IDC Staff Instructor 212158
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