Main Window rendering performance

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Main Window rendering performance

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I'm just curious if anyone else is having issues with the main window area of the current DL 5 Beta. I am running Win-7 on an older Xeon based PC (dual CPU, but still about 5 years old), and I notice that any time I open the logbook in the current version, the logbook dialog seems to render rather slowly. I see individual text boxes appear before the rest of the window. Dragging the log book dialog around in the window is not smooth - there is a lot of re-draw delay that takes place. The issues with drawing compound if I have the log book open and say, the table viewer. This all happens in a main window that has a rather high-resolution jpeg as the background.

I'm not running a Core i5 or anything, but is the windowing performance something anyone else is seeing, especially on older hardware? Don't get me wrong - I LOVE how this version is turning out, but if this performance is a bug, I'd rather report it than not.
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Re: Main Window rendering performance

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Yes, performance is indeed the most difficult point for me. There are some tips and tricks to improve it even on older machines.
  • You should display all windows as seperate windows, not within the main window. Make sure to uncheck all checkboxes in the settings dialog, "Window" category. This will improve redraw performance on Vista and Win 7 with enabled Aero vastly.
  • Turn off the main window background image. Select either the "Default" option or a single background color
  • Redraw performance on Windows XP is not as good as on Vista or Win 7 with enabled Aero
I've improved today the redraw and scrolling performance of the logbook table datagrid a bit. But generally said, it is still a .NET application which is usually a bit slower than a native application, so there is a certain limit of optimization which I could do.

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