Stage Bottles

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Stage Bottles

Post by derouyag »

I have recently done a few dives in Nanaimo, BC. These dives go down to slightly over 100 feet and we use stage bottles. My computer is the Atmos Ai which does not handle two bottles. How does this software handle the stage bottles that have just a simple SPG?
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Re: Stage Bottles

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Currently Diving Log cannot handle multiple tanks very well, but this is defenitely planned for the near future. At the moment there is just one simple text field to enter gas details of all tanks, but no real tank management.

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Re: Stage Bottles

Post by denzilmstn »

No pressure, ;) but I'd also be very interested in this function/capability. I'd possible also use this funtion to seperatly record the "Dil" and "oxygen" use on my rebreather.
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Re: Stage Bottles

Post by lloyd_borrett »


Please count me in as a vote to add the ability for Diving Log to handle stage cylinders.

Currently diving with one or two stage cylinders on a regular basis, plus have another one waiting in the wings. So I'd love to be able to say which ones I used on a dive, what the gas mix was, plus what the starting and finishing pressures were.

I think my Suunto HelO2 and Vytec DS dive computers can both flag into the log file when a gas switch is made. Thus it might even be possible to calculate the time spent on each stage cylinder and maybe even the SAC rate for each of them.

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Re: Stage Bottles

Post by Emmie »

I am also interested to have the opportunity for stage cylinders.