Windows 8 / HW OSTC 2N

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Windows 8 / HW OSTC 2N

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Hi all,

Just purchased an Acer Iconia W510
Atom Processor
2 GB Memory
Win8 (not RT)

Plugged in my 2N nothing happend, so I checked the Device Manager and HURRAAAHHH
the USB Serial Converter driver was installed!!!!! I didn't even notice it happend.

So for the test.
Starting Diving Log and it finds the 2N.
I can download dives (though the numbers of the dives are a bit odd, once imported into the logbook they are ok)
It is a bit slow when loading the database, but then mine is rather large.

Changed the text on the 2N successfully.

It worked on both ports. The normal USB port on the keyboard and on the micro USB port on the tablet.

Now at long last I have what I longed for a long time. A tablet to which I can hook up my OSTC and download the dive and change CF's!


--> OSTC N2 / 2201 <--
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