Gas Mixture Details

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Gas Mixture Details

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First of all, my compliments on you new revised version of Dive Log. The layout is great and easier to use!!! I definitely like the way it is being laid out especially the graphics section.
In using the new version I would suggest keeping the Gas Mixture details the same as version 4.0 As in DL 4.0 the Gas Mixture Details was an Icon driven menu. I would suggest keeping this style for selecting gas Mixture detail. It makes it much easier for selecting gas type. One other comment, when opening DL 4.0 I can have the dive log book show up automatically when the program opens. In the new version DL 5.0 I have checked Logbook under Windows in the preferences section thinking that this would do the same thing as in DL 4.0. However, when I open the beta version program the logbook does not open.
Keep up the great job!!!
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Re: Gas Mixture Details

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Thank you very much! The gas icons are still there, but not displayed by default. In this blog post you can see how you can drag and drop them into the logbook layout. As an alternate way you can just click the 2nd layout ("Extended Layout") in the layout ribbon tab of the logbook window.

I'm not yet sure what layout is the best as default. Maybe I should use the extended layout as default to show new users all available fields and controls.

Yes, the autostart is not yet included, but I think I will include it also in version 5.0.