Diving Log 4.0.9 released

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Diving Log 4.0.9 released

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You can download the new version Diving Log 4.0.9 on the Download Website.

New features:

- Additional profiles
- New version of Suunto downloader
- SmartTrak import improved (Galileo Sol support)
- Suunto Dive Manager 2 import improved
- Oceanlog 2 import improved
- Sensus Ultra download improved
- Sensus Manager import improved
- HS Explorer import
- OSTC download function
- PPC synchronization improved
- New menu styles (Office 2007)
- Several small bugs fixed

With this update Diving Log can display additional profile data, like temperture, tank pressure and more if the dive computer delivers this data. The following import functions were updated and import the new profiles: Suunto Dive Manager 2.x, Suunto Download (.NET 2.0), Sensus Ultra and Pro download, Sensus Manager import, Uwatec SmartTrak import and Oceanlog 2.x import.

To update your existing dives, you can import / download the dives into another logbook and copy / paste the profile data with the 2 buttons above the profile. Editing or manual entering of the new profile data is planned with the next update.

You'll find some new import functions marked with (.NET 2.0). These tools require the Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 and are Diving Log 5.0 code base, so you can betatest and use them already.

The new download function "OSTC download" is for a new Open Source Dive Computer which is now released, a very interesting project! Here you can find some screenshots and photos.
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