Possibly To make Dives Not Count Towards statistics

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Possibly To make Dives Not Count Towards statistics

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Love the app it’s definitely the best app around for IOS I have one question, is there a way to make some dives to not be calculated into your overall statistics? I have some dives that only last 25 mins for training purposes and I would like them not to count towards my over all statistics.. Is this possible?
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Re: Possibly To make Dives Not Count Towards statistics

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Thank you for the positive comments about Dive Log. It always nice to hear that Dive Log is proving useful to divers!

I assume that by "overall statistics" you are referring to the top section of the Statistics tab (for example average dive time, average max depth, etc.). If that is the case, then no, right now there is no option to limit the dives that are considered for these calculations.

You can look at dives filtered by various options including by dive time so it is possible to see all the dives longer than 25 minutes with the appropriate filters on the "Dive Time" section. You could also look at the dives in the "Dive Type or Activity" section so that you don't consider dives with the "training" type applied. In all these sections you can also enter specific criteria in the "search" for the dive list once you tap on a group to further limit the selection. However this just get you total dive time and dive count for these selections.

I am currently looking at some expanded statistics support in Dive Log. I think your requirement might be something that I could look at as part of this update (for example, add things like average dive time and average max depth when viewing a subset of dives). I always appreciate hearing from users as it helps inform how we advance Dive Log. Thank you for sharing your requirements ... hopefully a future version will get closer to meeting your needs in the regard.

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