Mares Puck Pro Profile data missing

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Mares Puck Pro Profile data missing

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I am sorry if this has been covered before, I did some searching and didn't find an answer to my question. I have a Puck Pro and have noticed that if I import data to Mares's dive organizer I have more profile data than if I use the downloader in Diving Log. If I opt to import a dive in divining log from dive organizer field like the CNS% get filled in but there is no data in profile 3,4,and 5. Profile 1 and 2 have some data but thinks like accent/decent rate are always 0 and NDL/PP02/CNS% are not listed at all where diver organizer seems to have that data in the log. I am not sure if dive organizer is just calculating this on the fly or if the downloader isn't pulling that data. It is not the end of the world but would be nice to know why I can't capture this data.
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Re: Mares Puck Pro Profile data missing

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Dive Organizer calculates some data on the fly, e.g. deco information. This data cannot be transferred from the dive computer.

Diving Log also calculates some data like ascent rate and PO2 is available as calculated profile. Deco data can be shown in the deco calculator window in Diving Log. CNS profile data should be imported and displayed if it's available in the Dive Organizer data or profile data.

The ascent and descent fields in Profile 1 are just warnings (0 = no warning, 1 = warning), not actual rates. Right click any profile to switch to other profiles like ascent rate and PO2.

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