Merge 2 dives into single dive

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Merge 2 dives into single dive

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Hello. I use the iPad version of Diving Log. I recently completed a dive then one diver lost his mask and i quickly went down again to try and find it. Unfortunately my surface interval was just over 5mins, so due to my dive computer settings it thought I went down on another dive.

Using the iPad app, how can I merge these two seperate dives into a single dive? Thanks
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Re: Merge 2 dives into single dive

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In order to "append" the two dives (we uses the term "merge" to refer to a different operation) you can open the main Dives list and long press on the first of the dives that you'd like to combine into a single dive. If the operation can be completed with the following dive (which should be the case with your situation) you will see a menu with an item "Append Following Dive". Tap that item and the two dives will be appended and will assume the dive number of the first of the two dives.

Please let us know if you need any additional information.


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