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Command line

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Hi !

I'm trying to have some automation in my "after dive work" (retrieving pictures from GoPro and camera, ...). One step is obviously download dive data from my computer into divinglog.

Is there (or could there be) an option in command line to do so, such like

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C:\...\DivingLog.exe /import <name> /nb <n>
where <name> is one from the import shortcuts as in the circle in the attached picture and <n> is the number of dives to import from the most recent one.
DivingLog Import capture
DivingLog Import capture
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Re: Command line

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There is already command line support, however not in a way to automatically import dives. To automatically launch the last used import dialog, you can either right click the taskbar shortcut and select "Import":

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Or you can use these command line arguments (which is like clicking the shortcut item):

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"Path\to\Divelog.exe" Task:Import
Available Task Commands: "Import", "Download", "Logbook", "Statistics", "Equipment", "Settings"

I think automatically importing X number of dives should be possible, however you would have to dynamically adjust the number for each import or Diving Log would have to auto detect new dives (which is certainly possible).
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