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Windows Phone 7

Diving Log for Windows Phone can be synchronized with the desktop version of Diving Log and is available in the Marketplace:



You can use SkyDrive or Dropbox to synchronize the phone app with the desktop application. Start Diving Log 5.0, click on "Web" in the main toolbar and select SkyDrive or Dropbox.

Open sync dialog
Sync Window
Sync dialog


Click on "Upload" and select the dives you want to upload into the cloud storage (right click for context menu options). Please note: after the export completes, it takes still some time to upload the data. Please watch the SkyDrive or Dropbox app icon in the system tray to see when the upload has be completed. Then you can download the data on the phone.

Start Diving Log on your Windows Phone, swipe to the left and select the "Synchronization" option from the menu.



The download may take some time depending on your connection speed and number of dives. Wait until the synchronization has completed and don't leave the sync page.

QR Code

Scan this code with the Bing app on your
Windows Phone to launch the Marketplace

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