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In this tutorial you'll learn how to use the template function in the logbook window. Templates are used for data which is not changing over several dives. In a holiday this is for example Country, City, Tanksize, Divesuit, Watertype,...

Templates can be applied afterwards to one or more dives or can be used as base for new dives. A typical way is:

  • Download your dives from the dive computer and import them in Diving Log
  • Enter in the first new dive missing data such as Country, Buddy, Divesuit,...
  • Save the changes of the dive
  • Save the dive as template
  • Enter a filename and a description of the template
  • Select the fields which should be included in the template (fields which are identical for all new dives)
  • Save the template
  • Select all other new imported dives
  • Apply the template to the selected dives

To view a short video click on the picture below . The video will be opened in a new window (deactivate popupblocker, Flash Player needed). In the video the dives 216 - 233 where recently imported and now additional data should be entered which is identical for all new dives.

Flash Video (3.74 MB)