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The engineering office HeinrichsWeikamp has developed the first Open Source Dive Computer (OSTC). Not only the communication protocol with the PC is public, also the firmware of the dive computer can be studied and modified by everyone who is interested.


With Diving Log you can download the dive data, change several settings and simulate dives.

With the simulator mode you can bring the OSTC into dive mode, just like you would be underwater. In the manual mode you can set the depth freely or bring the dive computer in any time span to any depth. But you can also dive any existing profile (also from other dive computers) on the OSTC to compare different deco models, for example. The dive computer is controlled easily via USB interface.

Change settings Simulator mode Simulate dive


The OSTC has 32 "Custom Functions" to configure it simply from the PC without the need to modify the firmware. To start the downloader, click in Diving Log 4.0.9 or later the menu "File > Import > OSTC Transfer (.NET 2.0)". From this window you can also start the simulator. To run it, you need the Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0.

For more information about the OSTC visit www.heinrichsweikamp.net/ostc/en/