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Diving Log 6.0 can sync with the official Diving Log for Android app and DiveMate:

Diving Log Diving Log for Android
DiveMate DiveMate


To open the sync function in Diving Log, click the dropdown arrow in the main toolbar next to the "Sync" button and click on "Anroid". In the sync dialog, select in the upper right corner the app you are using:

Open Sync Window
Sync Window
Sync Dialog


Connect your Android phone to the PC in the memory card mode, so you can write data to the SD card of the phone. Diving Log should automatically recognize the correct path when the phone is connected and the app is already installed.

If not, you will get a default file dialog to select the exchange file on your phone or tablet. If you cannot save directly to your phone, save the file into a temporary folder on your PC. Copy then the file to your device manually in the Windows Explorer.