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Version History of Diving Log:

Diving Log 6.0.3128.03.2024
- Downloader: Shearwater Tern Support
- Downloader: Mares Bug fix
- Downloader: Aqualung i330R & Apeks DSX improvements
- Downloader: Divesoft & Garmin dive order improvements
- Downloader: Force overwrite existing data option
- Detail Data: Online Images Support
- Detail Data: All file types Support
- PDF file type preview
- Print function: All file types & online images
- Print function: Country flag in dives available
- Slideshow: All file types & online images
- Divelogs.de Sync Improvements
- DiverLog+ Import Improvements
- DiveMate Import
- Export: Check multiple dives with Shift
- Profile Editor: Copy/Paste Bug Fix
Diving Log 6.0.3011.01.2024
- Downloader: Scubapro G3, Luna 2.0 & Luna 2.0 AI support
- Downloader: Aqualung i330R & Apeks DSX support (Beta)
- Downloader: Mares Bluetooth improvements
- Logbook Table: Layout is preserved during refresh
- Logbook Table: Save and restore layout
- Logbook: Dive computer skins
- Logbook: Supply Type Field
- Logbook: Buddy selection order preserved
- Details Data: Checkbox selection preserved during refresh & search
Diving Log 6.0.2920.07.2023
- Dive Log *.dlexch exchange file support (import/export)
- Downloader: Divesoft Freedom + Liberty + new Ratio models
- UDDF import improvements
- Bailout Tank supply type
- Logbook Table grouping counter
Diving Log 6.0.2808.04.2023
- Diving Log Documents folder configurable
- Logbook Comments: insert links
- User Defined Fields: URLs clickable
- Downloader: Deepblu Cosmiq, Oceans S1 Support
- Downloader: Import GPS position for Divesoft and Garmin
- UDDF Import: Apple Watch Ultra Support (via AWU2UDDF)
Diving Log 6.0.2721.12.2022
- Downloader: Scorpena Alpha, Scubapro G2 TEK, Oceanic Geo Air
- Suunto DM 1.x Import
- Profile: Fill Option
- Printing: Duplex support
- Printing: Profile colors configurable
- Signature Undo & Redo
- EOL Import improvements
Diving Log 6.0.2628.08.2022
- Automatically assign dives to trips
- Details Window: New dives tab
- Map: Right click flag > Show Dives
- Downloader: Cressi Michelangelo & Donatello, Seac Screen & Action, Shearwater Perdix 2 & Petrel 3, Sherwood Amphos Air 2.0, Ratio iX3M 2 support
- Shearwater Cloud Desktop 2.9 import support
- UDDF Export improved (new version 3.2.2, more data included)
- Garmin import .fit files directly from device
- Brevet Widget optionally load image from DB
- Windows Store Release
Diving Log 6.0.2527.05.2022
- Statistic Charts: Right click on data value > Show Dives
- 2 new Widgets (Slideshow + Certifications)
- Logbook dive time: Option to show in mm:ss
- Logbook Cursor Line improved
- Map trip overlay: dives not included are shown with alternate flag image
- Oceanlog Import: Support for encrypted logbooks
- Image Viewer: Set current image as main window background
- Windows Share Dialog Support
Diving Log 6.0.2425.01.2022
- Logbook: Equipment Sets
- Logbook: User Defined fields dropdown lists
- Logbook: Show profile context menu with single touch
- Logbook: Focus dive list after window startup
- Logbook: Create subtitles for videos
- Logbook: Slideshow memory leak fixed
- Map: View dive sites from dive trip
- Map: Option to show sites without dives with different flag
- Marine Life: Copy & Paste to other dives
- Marine Life: EOL import update existing entries
- Marine Life: Search across all fields
- Android USB Sync: Device recognition fixed
- Downloader: Crest CR-4, Genesis Centauri, Tusa TC1
Diving Log 6.0.2311.11.2021
- Android 11 USB Sync Support
- Divesoft AI Support
- Mares Genius Firmware 01.02 Support
- Garmin Import Improvements
- Downloader: Cressi Neon, Deep Six Excursion
- XML Export: Profile 4 & 5, Trip, Shop, Marine Life & Additional Tanks
- .NET Framework Version Check
Diving Log 6.0.2208.06.2021
- Relative photo path names option
- Add online photos and YouTube videos to dives
- Add videos and other file types to dives
- Photo Slideshow
- Photos drag & drop support
- .heic image format support
- Photos logbook context menu
- Use correct image rotation based on Exif data
- Show photos in profile
- Photo Manager improvements
- Rotation buttons in Image Viewer
- iCloud Sync in Web menu
- Downloader: Suunto EON Steel Black, Sherwood Amphos 2.0, Sporasub SP2
Diving Log 6.0.2108.03.2021
- Equipment service notifications on Windows 10
- Libdivecomputer Update (Mares Horizon, Ratio 2021 Models, Sherwood Beacon, McLean Extreme BLE)
- Cressi UCI Import
- LogTrak & Shearwater Cloud import improvements
- Logbook Equipment 'Select all' only active items
- Manual date editing in details window improved
- Switch to .NET Framework 4.6.2
Diving Log 6.0.2019.12.2020
- Garmin Mk2/Mk2i Support
- SeacSync Import
- Tree Browser improvements (new: Shops/Dive Centers)
- Dive Site GPS Import improved (Switch to Windows 10 API)
- Map Window Navigation Panel (Windows 10 API)
- OpenStreetMap and Divelogs.de sync issues fixed
- Libdivecomputer Update (new: Aladin A2, Sherwood Sage)
- Wlog Import .add file support
Diving Log 6.0.1922.08.2020
- New in Downloader: Shearwater Peregrine, Aqualung i470TC, Liquivision Xen, Xeo, Lynx, Kaon & McLean Extreme
- Downloader Bug Fix: Suunto D5, Oceanic Pro Plus 4 (BLE)
- Details Window Resizable
- Divesoft Bookmark Import
- Paralenz Import
- Multi-Monitor DPI Improvements
Diving Log 6.0.1811.05.2020
- Statistics Chart Gas Mixtures (Air, Nitrox, Trimix)
- SAC Profile
- Profile Edit Gas Switch
- Profile Editor Offset Function
- Tank Size & Weight Dropdown Auto-Values
- New computers: Sherwood Wisdom 4, Scubapro Aladin A1
- Downloader Improvements
Diving Log 6.0.1727.01.2020
- New dive computers (Mares Genius, Suunto D5, Aqualung i550C, i200C, Oceanic Geo 4.0, Veo 4.0, Pro Plus 4)
- BLE support for Oceanic & Aqualung computers
- HeinrichsWeikamp OSTC download fixed
- Depth profile with gas color option
- Equipment hours/# of dives since last service
- Scubapro ZDiveLog import fixed for new format
- Scubase import improved (organisms support)
- OpenStreetMap display error fixed
Diving Log 6.0.1607.05.2019
- Bluetooth LE dive computer support (Windows 8/10)
- New libdivecomputer version with support for many new dive computers
- Downloader Favorites in Sidebar
- Garmin Descent Mk1 in Downloader (USB)
- New Diviac Import
- Mares Dive Organizer Import improved
- Profile Bookmark Dropdown
- Switch to .NET 4.5 (no more Windows XP Support)
- Facebook Share removed (API not available anymore)
Diving Log 6.0.1514.01.2019
- New VMS RedBare import
- EOL.org import working again after API changes
- Uemis web download improved
- Divesoft now listed in downloader
- Cumulated dive time field in logbook window
- MySQL upload option for POST to URL
- Dive site map in logbook and site details remembers map type
- Diving Log Import option for automatic dive renumbering
Diving Log 6.0.1403.10.2018
- Marine Life Management
- Marine Life Print & Table Editor support
- Marine Life Sightings in Logbook Window
- Marine Life Import from Encyclopedia of Life
- Marine Life in Tree Browser
- New Logbook fields: Desaturation-, No Fly- & Scrubber Time
- New Logbook field options: Water Type (Chlorinated), Entry Type (Pool, Aquarium, Jetty, Ice) & Supply Type (PSCR, Sidemount, Surface)
- Profile Bookmarks
- High Resolution Signature support
- Better Apnea support
- Dive Stamp in Logbook & User Information
- Medical Statement in User Information
- Shearwater Desktop Import update for Teric
- Diving Log Import improved
- Copy & Split Dive improved
- Facebook Share Dialog fixed
Diving Log 6.0.1312.04.2018
- Garmin Descent Mk1 Import
- Scubapro Z1 Import
- Shearwater Cloud Desktop Import
- Scubapro G2C und HW OSTC 2 TR Download
- Deepblu Web Download Update
- Mini map in dive site details
- Map option to switch to blue/white dive flag
- Custom layouts performance improvements (save layout file again)
- Option to disable default entries in logbook dropdown lists
- Statistics: multiple tank consumption calculation fixed
Diving Log 6.0.1211.02.2018
- Deepblu Cosmiq Web Download
- New dive computers added in downloader (libdivecomputer update)
- Android USB Sync improved ("Target folder not found" fixed)
- Print report designer, trip and shop name available
- Downloader altitude import (some models)
- Bailout & Diluent output in profile fixed for high DPI screens
- UDDF Import improved
Diving Log 6.0.1116.09.2017
- Tank Pressure 1-3 Profile combined
- Tank Pressure (Calculated) Profile
- Tank Gauge Improvements
- Tanklist variables in Report Designer (all tanks)
- Android MTP Sync in Windows Creators Update fixed
- Ratio Divelogger 4 Import
Diving Log 6.0.1010.08.2017
- Galileo G2 support
- Google satellite map fix
- Scubapro LogTrak import improvements
- Mares Dive Organizer import fix
- Excel profile data export fixes
- Surface interval calculation fix
Diving Log 6.0.929.05.2017
- Ratio iX3M Firmware 4.0 Support
- New Libdivecomputer version
- Downloader: DiveSystem computer also listed under Ratio
- Signature "Dot" support
- Scubase Import improved
- Fixed a security issue when parsing XML files
Diving Log 6.0.816.03.2017
- Downloader new computers: Hollis DG02, Aqualung i750TC, Cressi Drake, Sherwood Vision
- Logbook red cursor line keyboard support
- Several performance improvements in logbook window
- Facebook Share profile graphic fixed for High DPI displays
- Buddy signature full screen support
- Cochran *.can files import
- Oceanlog import dive types
- Equipment & City sort order options
Diving Log 6.0.706.12.2016
- Share on Facebook
- Layout Improvements (Group Style, XML Formatting, Empty Layout)
- New Layouts (Subsurface, Shearwater, SuuntoDM)
- Filter Improvements (Divetype, BuddyIDs, UsedEquip)
- Detail Data Sorting (Buddies, Shops, Trips)
- Cloud Sync Folder Config Button
- Logbook Profile Graphic export improvements
- Bug fixes and other improvements
Diving Log 6.0.621.09.2016
- Divesite map in logbook window
- Tank & Gas list in logbook window
- Extended Layout updated
- DAN Diver Safety Guardian Upload
- Office 2016 Ribbon theme
- Downloader improvements
- Android USB Sync device lookup improved
- Drag and Drop logbook files to main window
- Import all waypoints of a GPX file as new dive sites
- French localization improvements
- Bug fixes and other improvements
Diving Log 6.0.504.06.2016
- Official Diving Log Android app released:
- Diving Log for Android Sync via USB and Dropbox
- USB Sync for MTP connected Android devices
- Downloader (New: Cochran, Shearwater Perdix, Cressi Newton, Aqualung i450T, Aladin Sport, Aqualung i300, Beuchat Mundial)
- New ISCan APECS 4 Import
- New Aqualung Diverlog Import
- Subsurface Import improvements
- LogTrack Import improvements for Mantis M2
- Fix: When using autostart, update check does not block the application anymore
- Bug Fixes
Diving Log 6.0.411.03.2016
- Profile Compare feature
- Downloader: support for new computers
- New Hollis Explorer import
- Subsurface import improvements
- MacDive import improvements
- Excel Export improvements
- Fixed: main window seems to freeze when autostart and update notification overlay each other
- Bug Fixes
Diving Log 6.0.313.12.2015
- New AV Manager (Underwater Technologies) Import
- DiveSystem DiveLogger Import improvements
- Shearwater Desktop Import improvements
- Poseidon MkVI Import improvements
- Subsurface Import improvements
- Mares Dive Organizer Import improvements
- New Libdivecomputer
- Download dive computer memory dump
- Signature popup for unlinked buddies
- iOS Sync improvements
- Logbook table summary fix (imperial units)
- Bug Fixes
Diving Log
- Timezone adjustment
- Dive count in statistics
- OSTC Settings
- Equipment revision warning disabled for inactive equipment
- Keyboard navigation in details list
- Petrel 2 download support
- Libdivecomputer update
- Bug fixes
Diving Log
- Two additional profile graphics in logbook window (5 overall)
- Sort order of tanks can be changed
- Cloud Sync folder can be configured (if not in default location)
- Downloader Bug Fix
- Mares Dive Organizer Import Bug Fix
- DiveSoft Import Improvements
- xDeep UDDF Import Improvements
- Tree Browser equipment bug fix
- Heartrate profile average line
- Windows 10 Theme Improvements
- Windows XP Theme Improvements
- Logbook equipment list active/inactive option
- Automatic downloading of layouts, reports, etc. if missing
- Bug Fixes
Diving Log
Diving Log 6.0 released:

- New WPF UI technology
- New modern design
- High DPI display ready
- Improvements for touch input
- Widgets in main window
- Better performance
- Detailed popups in the dive site map
- Detailed popups in the dive details
- Detailed popups in the logbook window
- Logbook table with new features (Grouping, Sorting, Filter, Column Re-order, Fixed Columns, Sums etc)
- Ribbon Improvements (Jumplist, Touch Mode)
- Logbook layout improvements
- Unified Downloader
- Autostart in Settings
- Auto Updater
- Bug Fixes