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Diving Log 6.0.25 released

Sunday, May 29th, 2022

The latest Diving Log update is now available for download and via automatic update function. These are the new features:

  • StatisticCharts: Right click on data value > Show Dives
  • 2 new Widgets (Slideshow + Certifications)
  • Logbook dive time: Option to show in mm:ss
  • Logbook Cursor Line improved
  • Map trip overlay: dives not included are shown with alternate flag image
  • Oceanlog Import: Support for encrypted logbooks
  • Image Viewer: Set current image as main window background
  • Windows Share Dialog Support

Statistic Charts:

You can now right click any data point in the charts to view the dives which fit to this specific data value. E.g. when you right click the “September” bar in the month chart, you can view all dives which occurred in September:

Right click > Show Dives in September

For line and area charts you have to enable the markers and click exactly the marker point to get the context menu:

Activate markers for line and area charts

New Widgets:

Yeah, after all those years since the introduction of widgets in version 6.0.0, I’ve finally added two new widget types for the main window: Slideshow and Certifications. So you can now add your brevet image (front or back) and your favourite photos to the main window:

New Widgets

Dive Time [mm:ss]:

You can now enable an option to show the dive time in all windows in minutes and seconds. Up to now only free dives (apnea) where shown in seconds, but now you can enable that also for longer scuba dives, if you want:

Option for minutes:seconds dive time

Logbook Cursor Line:

The red cursor line in the logbook window now shows the current values on the left and bottom edge (yellow background color):

Cursor line improvements

Native Share support:

Diving Log supports now the native Share dialog from Windows 10 and 11. You can share images from the Image Viewer, dive profiles and photos from the logbook window and the logbook file from the main file menu:

Share image to another app

Share Dive

Share Logbook

Introducing Diving Log 6.0

Sunday, January 4th, 2015

I wish you all a Happy New Year! Today I want to give you a first look at the upcoming Diving Log 6.0, which will be available later this year. Major updates in Diving Log and usually changes of the development technology. Diving Log 4.0 was built with Visual Basic 6, Diving Log 5.0 was a major rewrite in VB.NET. As user interface (UI) technology I choose “Windows Forms”, which had at that time already a successor called WPF. But it was still the right decision to go first from VB6 to .NET Windows Forms, because WPF would have made the port from VB6 a lot more complicated and time consuming. But I knew I would have to redo the UI again when switching to WPF.

Diving Log 6.0 main window

Diving Log 6.0 main window

And that’s what I’m doing in Diving Log 6.0. This time I can reuse all the code behind, but I have to recreate every single window again in WPF. But it is worth the effort, because Windows Forms didn’t get any major update since 2005 and it’s just a matter of time when the first problems/missing features surface. WPF is the current .NET UI technology for Windows, so this should be a lot more future proof.

WPF has also some other advantages: it scales a lot better for high resolution screens, which are more common today than a few years ago. It also allows me to do basically anything UI-wise without being dependent from 3rd party controls. I’ll demonstrate you some of the advantages in a separate blog post in the near future. Here are some more screenshots:

You can change the accent color in the settings

You can change the accent color in the settings

Icons in dropdowns were very difficult in Windows Forms, but not in WPF

Icons in dropdowns were very difficult in Windows Forms, but not in WPF

The main window background was always an unused space. In Diving Log 6.0 you can add several widgets to create some kind of personal dashboard with local and online data. Right now there is only a weather widget, but this will be extended in the future. You can configure the weather either by country and city name or simply by selecting one of your favorite dive sites with GPS coordinates.

Add and remove widgets in the settings dialog. For configuration, just click the gear icon in every widget.

Add and remove widgets in the settings dialog. For configuration, just click the gear icon in every widget.

This is just a small overview what’s coming in Diving Log 6.0. There is still a lot to do until I can release the first beta version. But I’ll show you more completed features throughout January. Please keep in mind that this is work in progress, so some icons are not updated yet and other things may change, too.