How to add online photos, YouTube videos and any file to your dives

You can add photos from the web and YouTube videos to your dives by clicking the “Add Link” button in the toolbar:

Add links and other files to your dives

If you want to add online photos, make sure to paste the deep link directly to the image file, not the website containing the image (the link should end with an image extension like .jpg). The image will be downloaded and shown within your dives. Please note, when you’re offline, the image is not displayed.

When pasting YouTube links, just copy the URL from the browser URL bar. Diving Log will automatically show the thumbnail and add the video title to the description field.

Please note: some firewalls and security apps block Diving Log from accessing the internet. If you do not see online photos or YouTube thumbnails, make sure Diving Log is not blocked by these apps.

Additionally you can add any other file type from your PC, e.g. video files, Word or PDF documents, etc. If there is a preview handler in Windows Explorer, the preview will be even shown in Diving Log. Clicking the image will open the default application for this file type.

You can view all photos attached to a dive as slideshow by clicking the Slideshow button in the toolbar. When your photos and videos include the correct date/time from the camera and it matches the dive date and time, the images and videos are shown in the dive profile. You can disable that with this button in the toolbar:

See where you’ve captured a photo or video

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