Renumber and sort your dives

If you don’t want to start your dives with dive number 1, you can use the “Sort logbook” function to renumber your dives automatically. This function is also useful, if you’ve imported your dives in the wrong order or from different sources. It allows you to either use the existing order to renumber your dives with any given start number, or to renumber your dives chronologically:

Sort Logbook

If you don’t want to renumber all dives, but only a range of dives within your logbook, you can do this in the logbook table editor. Just select the rows of dives which you want to renumber, right click and select “Renumber Dives”:

Renumber Dives

This gives you also the possibility to create “gaps” in your logbook, e.g. if you want to log only dives 1 – 10, 50 – 150 and then continuing with number 300, for example.

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