Update FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions for updating Diving Log 5.0 to 6.0

  • I have a 5.0 unlock code, how do I get a 6.0 code?
  • Can I install version 6.0 on the same PC as version 5.0?
    • Yes, this is no problem, but install it into a separate folder
  • Can I continue to use version 5.0 along version 6.0?
    • Yes, the logbook format is currently 100% compatible.
  • Can I use my 5.0 logbook layouts in version 6.0?
    • You can use your print layouts (report files), but unfortunately you can’t use logbook layouts. The format has changed completely, so you would have to recreate your logbook layouts.
  • There is only one downloader in version 6.0, where are the other downloaders (e.g. OSTC or Uwatec Smart)?
    • There is only one downloader, but behind the scenes Diving Log does the right thing. Just use the downloader, you should not notice a difference in the imported data. Please note: the first download might take a little longer (e.g. when you’ve used the Smart downloader), because Diving Log downloads all dives the first time. After you’ve imported some dives, Diving Log will download only new dives in the future (depending on the computer model)
  • I don’t like the default white theme, can I get the blue theme of version 5.0?
  • What’s new in Diving Log 6.0?
  • How do I get updates?
    • Diving Log 6.0 has an auto updater, which can download updates automatically


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