How to report download errors

If the dive computer download does not work, please follow these steps:

  • Please try the download with the manufacturer software. If that does not work either, there is probably a hardware problem (low battery, interface cable broken, bad connection, etc) or the driver is not installed correctly.
  • Click here how to install the drivers. Check the windows device manager when the dive computer is connected to see if there is a yellow triangle somewhere
  • Make sure you’ve selected the correct COM port. Watch the list when you connect your dive computer to see which port number appears. That is the correct port.
  • Enable the “Log Errors” checkbox in the download dialog and try the download again. Send the error log to libdivecomputer
  • Enable the “Dump File” checkbox (only visible when “Log Errors” is checked, not available for some dive computers) and send the resulting zip file to libdivecomputer

Log Errors and Dump File

Open the error log

Open the error log

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