Diving Log 6.0 – Beta Portal

On this site you can download the beta version of Diving Log 6.0. Please note that this is pre-release software, which contains bugs and missing features. Before downloading and installing it, make sure you read the release notes below.

Download BetaCurrent version: 6.0 Beta 11 | 2015-06-14


Before you start:

  • Backup your logbook file before you install the beta
  • Diving Log 5.0 and 6.0 can be installed on the same computer in different folders
  • Diving Log 6.0 Beta automatically checks for updates every day and will ask you to download and install it automatically if an update is available
  • You can use your logbook file from version 5.0 with version 6.0 and switch back at any time. You can also continue to use both versions (no changes to the logbook format).
  • Diving Log 6.0 will copy your preferences (settings) from version 5.0 during the first start, including your currently used logbook file.
  • You can use your version 5.0 unlock key for version 6.0 Beta
  • .NET Framework 4 is required (already installed on most Windows versions)

Currently missing features (all completed):

  • Dive computer downloader
  • Import functions
  • Profile Editor
  • Photo Manager
  • Additional logbook layouts
  • Some translations are missing (text is in English)
  • Some other minor features

Known issues:

  • When you’re using the Windows Classic theme, Diving Log 6.0 does not look right. Support for the classic theme will be added until final release.
  • Diving Log 6.0 works on Windows XP, but it is not recommended anymore.

How to report bugs:

  • Make sure you’re running the latest beta version, maybe the bug has been already fixed (click the menu “Help” > “Check for Updates”)
  • Copy the full error message and send it via contact form, email or post it in the support forum
  • Include the steps to reproduce the error
  • If you think the error is related to your logbook data, send also your logbook file
Copy the full error message and paste it into the email

Copy the full error message and paste it into the email

8 Responses to “Diving Log 6.0 – Beta Portal”

  1. Tom Melvin says:

    New logbook – add new dive – 1st detail entered dive site – click symbol beside dive site – (only one site) – select it – 80% of the time when selecting another entry/map get exception below:

    Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

    at Divinglog.frmLogbook.cmbPlace_TextChanged(Object sender, TextChangedEventArgs e)
    at Divinglog.Controls.ComboBoxPanel.TextChangedEventHandler.Invoke(Object sender, TextChangedEventArgs e)
    at Divinglog.Controls.ComboBoxPanel.cmbComboBox_TextChanged(Object sender, TextChangedEventArgs e)

  2. divinglog says:

    Thank you Tom, should be fixed in the next update

  3. Andreas says:

    Hallo Tom,

    ist die Beta multilanguage?

    Gruß Andreas

  4. divinglog says:

    Hallo Andreas

    ja die Beta ist in allen Sprachen verfügbar (auch Deutsch).

    Schöne Grüße,

  5. David Elwood says:

    Why can the logbook not sit inside the main window like in 5.0? I liked that feature.

  6. divinglog says:

    Hi David

    The feature was called MDI Windows and this is unfortunately not supported in WPF applications. I’ll see if I can find a replacement for that, but there is no official support in the framework.

  7. Carl King says:

    Sven, Multiple cyls not pulled over from 5 log and even if i add them the SAC/RMV just doesnt look right as i added cyls. you have a deco calc, planner?

  8. divinglog says:

    Hi Carl

    What do you mean by “pulled over”? Have you imported your dives from the 5.0 logbook? That’s not the best way, just copy the whole logbook file and open it with Diving Log 6.0.

    If you’re using your actual 5.0 logbook file or a copy of the whole file, please send me your logbook file via email and tell me which dive is not correct. When you add additional tanks, you actually have to add them also to the profile, otherwise they’re not used or treated as sidemount tanks in the SAC calculation.

    For deco calculations, please see here: http://www.divinglog.de/blog/?p=1553