Uemis Zurich dive computer

The Uemis AG, manufacturer of the Uemis SDA dive computer, is in liquidation since June 21. From their official website:

Since 21.06.2011, there is a bankruptcy proceeding for the Uemis AG, Adliswil. Orders won’t be handled anymore.

This is especially sad for all SDA owners, because this computer followed a strict online logbook concept. All dives can only be synchronized with the Uemis web server – there is no local download capability. That means, when the Uemis server may be shutdown somewhere in the future, SDA owners won’t be able to download their dives from the dive computer anymore. And they won’t be able to access their already downloaded dives in the online logbook anymore.

I was in contact with Uemis since the introduction of the SDA in early 2009 and tried to convince them for an additional local sync solution or at least a way to backup the online dives to the local computer – without success. During that time I got numerous user requests, asking for an integration into Diving Log, but there was not much I could do without Uemis.

If you have an Uemis SDA, do not fear. Not everything is lost, because a group of developers is currently working on a solution, including Jef Driesen from libdivecomputer, which is already the backend of most downloaders in Diving Log and MacDive. We also found a way to access the online dives on the still running Uemis servers and I’ve created already a quick import for these online dives. Read more about that on Scubaboard.com

In the end we hope to have a local sync solution and also a way to automatically download the dives from the Uemis servers, so stay tuned and hope the best!

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