New profiles and CCR features

You can now import and manage your CCR dives with Diving Log. Switches from diluent to bailout (including changing the diluent and/or bailout gas) are supported, as well as ppO2 recording from up to three O2 sensors, setpoint, OTU and CNS profile data. Additionally, if supported by the dive computer, deco ceiling, NDL and stop time could be imported and displayed.

Deco ceiling, NDL and stop time

On the screenshot below you can see the ppO2 profile recorded from the O2 monitor, the yellow setpoint line (in the ppO2 profile). After 30 minutes you notice the switch to bailout and at the end another switch of the bailout gas. Switches of the diluent gas are also supported.

CCR dive profile

OTU and CNS profile

You can enter your rebreather diluent / O2 tank and all bailout tanks within the tank management dialog. Select the CCR option for the diluent and O2 tank and the OC option for the bailout tanks.

Tank Management

CCR profile data is automatically imported from APD (copy/paste), BFT, ProLink, DR5, HS Explorer, Liquivision X1, Poseidon and Shearwater. If you notice any problems or wrong data after the import, please let me know.

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4 Responses to “New profiles and CCR features”

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  2. Alex says:

    Great update and I’m really pleased that the software is starting to look great for us technical divers 🙂

    I have some functionality feedback I’d love to be considered.

    When having deco gases, even after setting the gases, pressures and gas switch. The profile doesn’t get updated, and the graphs just show the calculated air consumption throughout the entire dive. It doesn’t take into account the fact that I am no longer breathing my first gas.

    It would be great if the dive profile does the separate calculations for gas consumption up until the gas switch. Also the graph line could change colour depending on which gas is being used.

    Please send me an email if you want me to detail this any further.


  3. divinglog says:

    Hi Alex

    Thank you very much! Please email me with some details which profile are not getting updated. Normally everything should be updated, but maybe you have to re-load the dive after editing the tank details. Diving Log does calculate the correct SAC rate when using multiple tanks and takes every separate tank into account, as described in this blog post:

    You can see the gas being used in the gas status graph at the bottom, so I think a different line color of the depth profile is not really necessary: