Trip and Shop Management

You can now manage your trips and holidays in Diving Log. Trips are a great way to group and organize dives and buddies in your logbook:

Trip Management

Add people who have participated in this trip

Add a group picture of this trip

You can select the trip and dive center for each dive and group that way dives in a logical way. Dives for each trip can then be viewed in the tree browser:

Select trip and dive center in the extended layout

View dives of each trip in the tree browser

You can enter now also addresses of dive shops, dive centers, dive schools, etc. in the new shop management dialog. It is very similar to the buddy management dialog, but is for contact information from organizations and the like:

Shops and Dive Centers

These features will be available in the next beta in a few days.

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3 Responses to “Trip and Shop Management”

  1. carrie says:


    how do i find the Trip and Shop Management

  2. divinglog says:

    “These features will be available in the next beta in a few days.”

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