Dropbox Sync

The next update of Diving Log will also contain the ability to synchronize logbooks across multiple Windows PC’s, Mac’s and Smartphones using the new Dropbox sync function. Dropbox is a very popular, free and multi-platform online storage and sync service. Once you’ve installed the Dropbox client on all your PC’s and Mac’s you can exchange easily any file between your computers by simply coping the file into the special Dropbox folder on your disk. Note: The Dropbox client application has to be installed on the PC to use this sync function!

Dropbox Sync

But Diving Log does not simply copy your desktop logbook file, because the Access database format is not really platform independent and could not be read on the Mac or on smartphones. The new Dropbox sync will export your logbook into the SQLite format and also import any changes from other computers back into your logbook. The sync function can manage different logbook files and also additional information like the last sync date and time and from which computer the logbook was last updated.

I will add support for Dropbox sync in future to the Windows Phone 7 version, so you can seamlessly exchange logbook data between any device running WP7, Windows or Mac OS. This feature provides you additionally an online backup system, so you can easily get your dives back when your hard drive crashed.

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