Upcoming database format

This blog post is a little bit technically and more interesting for readers with some database knowledge, but I want to introduce the new extended database format of the next Diving Log version. It contains many more fields and tables to store a lot more data inside your logbook. You can download an empty logbook in Access and SQLite format to get an idea about the new features coming this year.

You need either MS Access or any SQLite viewer to open these files and to see the changes compared to an existing Diving Log logbook. Do not use this new file format with the current Diving Log 5.0 version! You would be able to open the file, but you will get many errors when you try to add new data.

In a nutshell, the new format adds overview maps to the city/island details, weight, O2 service date and inactive option to equipment. The logbook table gets visibility, pressure groups, divemaster, boat and many more fields. There is support for profile annotations, new profile data for CCR, multiple profiles per dive, multiple gas and tanks per dive and there are new tables for trips and shops (dive centers, dive shops).

I will release several beta versions during the next time to test the update process and the first set of new features. Not all new database fields will be supported right in the program, but I try to add as much as possible in the next version. If you have any comments and feedback, please let me know. This is the right time to make last minute changes to the new logbook format.

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