GPS and new coordinate panel

In my last post I’ve showed you the GPS Tool for Windows Mobile. Today I’ve released a new beta version of Diving Log 5.0 which adds GPS support and a new coordinate panel to the dive site window:

Full Setup (26 MB)
Update from 5.0.0 (19 MB)
Update from previous beta (2.4 MB)

When you click the new “GPS” button in the toolbar, Diving Log will retrieve the current GPS position when a GPS device is connected. If you have a Windows Mobile phone with GPS you can use the phone as GPS device for your PC (click here for instructions).

In this version you can switch also between several coordinate formats for latitude and longitude and view dive sites easily in Google Maps, Google Earth and Bing Maps. Please let me know how these new features work for you.

Dive Site Editor

Coordinate Formats

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