Diving Log Viewer Update

Diving Log Viewer is not only a free tool to view Diving Log logbook files which you can give to your friends and buddies – it offers some unique features currently not available in Diving Log 5.0. It is build using the latest UI technology WPF and is for me a good way to learn this technology. It will be included in the upcoming Diving Log 5.0.1, but is also available as standalone Download. On Windows XP and Vista the .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 must be installed. After downloading, extract it into the 5.0 program folder and start it one time manually, then you can launch it also from Diving Log. Today I’ve updated the application a bit to make it more compatible with Diving Log 5.0, but I’ve also included some nice new features:

Fixed columns. Now you can pin any column to the left side so it doesn’t get out of view when you scroll horizontally. Either drag the splitter to the right or drag and drop any column header on the left side of the splitter.

Fixed Columns

Statistics and Summarize. You can display several calculated statistics for the numeric columns. In combination with grouping or filtering you can calculate statistics for only a subset of your dives, answering questions like “How long was I diving last year?” or “What was the deepest and shallowest and coldest and warmest dive at a particular dive site?”.

Stats for the year 2008

Stats combined with grouping by site

Column Reorder. You can drag and drop any column header to any position to reorder the columns:

Column Reorder

Image and profile pan works now also with the left mouse button, which is great if you have a multitouch monitor. If you have not used yet the Diving Log Viewer application, make sure to check out this tutorial page which shows all other features, like profile zoom and pan, image viewer and grouping.


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