Diving Log 5.0 Release Candidate 1

It’s now about two month since the first beta of Diving Log 5.0 was published back in October and during this time I’ve released several updates and bug fixes. Now it’s time to make it available to a wider audience, so I’ve created a first release candidate (RC 1) with installer and put it on the download website of Diving Log. You can also download the latest version as zip file from the beta portal.

If you are new to Diving Log 5.0 I recommend you read the old blog posts where I describe with many screenshots all the new features of version 5.0. In this forum post I’ve linked most of the important posts. You can use your 4.0 registration data to unlock the release candidate of version 5.0 and use the same logbook file.

What’s new in the release candidate from the last 5.0 beta version? The most important difference is, that the release candidate will run until end of February 2010 (the final version will be available before that date). All previous beta versions will stop working on January 1st 2010! The RC 1 has also some significant improvements for non standard DPI settings (> 92 DPI) of Windows. So if you are using high resolution screens, you should not see any major display bugs anymore. The last new feature is the ability to configure the background of the main window with several options:

Office 2007 Background

Office 2007 Background

Background Image

Background Image

Here is a short list of features that are currently missing and will be included in the final release:

  • Import of Diving Log logbook files
  • Profile edit function (not yet sure if this will be included in the initial 5.0 release)
  • Template function
  • Backup function
  • Update Check
  • Full localization

So, what’s the roadmap for the next weeks? I’ll release at least one more release candidate in January, in the meantime I’ll update the zip files on the beta portal regularly. The final version should be available somewhere end of January or early February.

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