OneDrive and Google Drive sync in Android app

I’m happy to announce OneDrive and Google Drive support in Diving Log for Android in addition to Dropbox! Syncing with the PC or iOS apps is now much easier.

When using Google Drive, you have to upload from the Android app to the cloud at the first time. This is because the app can only access files which it created. After the first upload from the Android app, you can overwrite the existing file from the PC version and the app can still access the file.

Version 5.1 is now available on Google Play:

Available on Google Play

OneDrive Sync

Google Drive Sync

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4 Responses to “OneDrive and Google Drive sync in Android app”

  1. Graham says:

    Brilliant, thank you.
    If we have been syncing to Dropbox (I have) is it safe to use the same folder? I.e existing files will or won’t be over-written?

  2. Andyt says:

    Excellent, makes the process a lot easier. Thank you.

  3. divinglog says:

    @Graham: Yes, you can switch between all cloud services with the menu button at the top and also use them side by side. In the root of each cloud drive a “Divelog” folder is created with the logbook(s) inside.

    For Google Drive you have to upload from the Android app the first time, because the Android app can only access files created by the app. Afterwards you can upload from the PC side as well. But this is only for Google Drive. OneDrive and Dropbox can sync can access the logbooks uploaded from any app.

  4. Graham says:

    Great, thank you