Downloader Update

You can download updates for all dive computer downloaders in Diving Log (Uwatec Smart and Aladin, Suunto, OSTC and Sensus Ultra). There is also a new beta downloader for the Uwatec Memomouse. All downloaders contain now also the new feature to import the dive computer data into existing dives. Download this zip file and extract it into the Diving Log program folder:

Memo Mouse Download

Memomouse Download

To start the Memomouse downloader you must double click the “Downloader.exe” file in the Diving Log program folder directly, because it is not yet integrated in the Diving Log user interface. You can also create a shortcut for the desktop or add the Downloader.exe in the Diving Log “Tools” menu for direct access to the Memomouse download. Please report any bugs, problems or feedback so I can fix them before including this update in the main setup.

I want to use this blog post also to say a big thank you to all the developers and participants who make these direct dive computer downloads possible. Diving Log is not only using downloads I created myself, most of the downloads are only possible because of 3rd party tools and libraries created by developers for the scuba diving community. Some of these tools are open source, some closed source, but all of them can be used by any scuba diving application and all users benefit from them. These libraries were created without any manufacturer support (except HeinrichsWeikamp and ReefNet, of course), by analyzing the protocol and trial and error. It is really a time consuming task to create these tools, but they help to be a little more independent from manufacturers and platforms. Great Job!

Big thanks to James Connell, Jef Driesen, Bill Perry, Andrew Forget, Daniel Abrahams, Teemu Tingander and all users who has tested these things and provided dump files and all who I may forgot here to mention!


7 Responses to “Downloader Update”

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  3. Lee says:

    Doesn’t work with my Suunto D4!?

  4. divinglog says:

    As far as I know the D4 is not yet working with James Downloader

  5. Lee Armstrong says:

    And neither does James’ downloader at the moment!

    Very frustrating!

  6. Jon says:

    Just trialing your software, looks excellent. I have iphone app but wanted to import from Suunto Vyper DC over basic initial info from iphone. This feature does import the data but wont update fields i have put data in eg dive time, water temp. I add those as an estimate at first into iphone. This uploader needs to allow the dive computer fields to overwrite that data as an option.

  7. divinglog says:

    Hi Jon

    Thank you very much! I release soon an update where the dive time, depth, entry time and date will be overwritten in all cases, because these fields are required on the iPhone.