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Rainer Mohr from divelogs created an API plugin for Diving Log which enables direct uploading dives from Diving Log to divelogs. Up to now you had to export your dives first to UDCF and then upload the file in the divelogs web interface. But due to the UDCF format not all possible logbook data could be uploaded. The new direct upload is much more easy and quicker. Please click here  to download the new upload tool. Extract this zip file into the Diving Log program folder. To start the upload you must either click the “Exporter.exe” file (or create a shortcut on your desktop) or you can add the Exporter.exe into the Tools menu of Diving Log. With the next Diving Log update the upload will be integrated into Diving Log.

UPDATE July 6th: I’ve updated the uploader today to support multi user scenarios and fixed one possible bug. Simply uncheck the “Save Login Information” checkbox to get a login dialog each time. upload upload

Tools menu

Tools menu

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5 Responses to “Direct divelogs website upload”

  1. Piet Spin says:

    Hi Sven
    I ttried to use the new exporter
    worked great, just only 1 thing
    I first updated Lucies log
    after that i did my own and the dives added to Lucies dives
    perhaps is it posyble to have a field wich user is updating?

  2. Pablo says:

    Great work Sven! I’ll test it soon, in this sequence: -> divinlog ->


  3. divinglog says:

    Hi Piet

    Thank you, that is a good point! I have not thought about such a multi user scenario and simply save the divelogs login after the first time. I’ll add a way to enter the login data each time or maybe to save more than one login.

    Thank you!

  4. divinglog says:

    Thank you Pablo, you’re right, this is a great way to transfer dives from to

    Best regards,

  5. divinglog says:

    I’ve updated the zip file today to include multi user support. Simply uncheck the “Save Login Information” checkbox to get a login dialog each time.