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The next update later this week will contain a new (and long requested) feature: comparing dive profiles. You can now overlay different dive profiles (even from different logbook files) in a single window. This is useful if you want to compare profiles from your buddy or from different dive computers. Simply click the “Compare Profile” button in the profile tab of the logbook toolbar:

Compare two profiles

Compare two profiles

Switch to the next dive and click the button again for each profile you want to add to the stack. I recommend you move the logbook and compare windows side by side. The x and y axis is automatically adjusted to the deepest and longest dive. You can switch at any time to another logbook file, the Profile Compare window stays open and you can add profiles from your buddies. You can see here 4 profiles from 4 different divers:

Compare profiles from 4 divers

Compare profiles from 4 divers

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4 Responses to “Compare Profiles”

  1. Graham says:

    Great feature Sven,
    And I already have a use for this – I often wear two computers and my xDeep gave me some very bizarre and dngerous results on a dive – this will help me compare it to the Petrel.


  2. divinglog says:

    Thank you Graham, I’m glad you find it useful!

  3. Graham says:

    Nice work Sven,
    In the blog above; maybe you should add the step, that after opening the compare window, you need to select the next dive that you want to compare, then click ‘Compare Profiles’ button again and so on… be mindful, that clicking a new dive will send the compare window behind the logbook window.
    Maybe the action of clicking the ‘Compare’ button, should re-rank the windows and bring compare back to the front each time?
    This is a great feature, well done.

    Is there a way of importing 2 dive computers (profiles) for the same dive?
    I can obviously create a new dive, but that messes up dive numbering, or I could create a duplicate dive log maybe?
    On some TEC dives I dive with 2 different computers.
    Thanks again for all the hard work.

  4. divinglog says:

    Thank you Graham, I’ve updated the blog post to make it more clear. I’ll see if the compare window can be moved automatically to the top when the button is clicked again.

    You can import profiles from 2 dive computers into the same dive if the profile recording interval is the same. You can check that by pressing the clock icon in the profile toolbar and compare the values for both computers. If it’s different, it does not work correctly right now.

    If it’s the same, you can import again from the 2nd computer and select in the last step the option “Update exising dives”. This will fill in profile data that’s currently missing from the first computer. But you won’t have 2 depth profiles, for example.