Windows Phone app and Diving Log Touch updated

An update of Diving Log for Windows Phone 8.1 is now available in the Windows Phone store. What’s new?

  • Update to Windows Phone 8.1
  • Import logbook file from the documents folder
  • Export logbook file to the documents folder
  • Email logbook file as attachment
  • Fast app resume

The Windows Phone 8.1 update allows you to sync your logbook file locally with your phone, which is useful if you have no internet connection for using the cloud (OneDrive or Dropbox). Connect your phone to your PC, and export your logbook file in Diving Log 5.0 to SQLite. Please note, you cannot save the SQLite file directly onto your phone. Instead, save it to a local folder (e.g. your desktop) and copy it manually to your documents folder on the phone.

New: Import, Export, Email

New: Import, Export, Email

Then start Diving Log on your phone, swipe to the menu on the left and open the “Manage Logbooks” page. In the app bar menu, select “Import” to import your logbook file from the documents folder. If you want to sync back to your PC, select “Export” and save the file to the documents folder. Connect your phone to the PC, copy it to a local folder and use the “Diving Log” import function in Diving Log 5.0 to import the changes back to your desktop logbook.

Here is the changelog from the previous update two weeks ago (I haven’t written a blog post):

  • Japanese Language
  • New Chart Open / Closed Circuit
  • SAC rate improvement from desktop version

Diving Log Touch update:

There is also a minor update for Diving Log Touch available in the Windows Store. It fixes some Japanese localization issues, contains the updated SAC calculation from the latest Diving Log 5.0 update and adds a “Review” button to the app bar, which disappears automatically once you’ve tapped on it, so it doesn’t get in the way.

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