New Diving Log Beta available

Today you can download a new beta version of Diving Log 5.0. Make sure you have version 5.0.8 installed before installing the beta update. This update brings the following new features:

  • DiveMate USB for Android sync (see below)
  • sync (see below)
  • Search dive sites online
  • Hungarian language support (special thanks to Attila!)
  • Import dive profile CSV files (Logbook Window -> Profile Tab)

DiveMate USB sync:


DiveMate USB is a new app for Android tablets and smartphones, which can download several dive computers right on your phone or tablet. It is available in the Google Play Store and can be synchronized with Diving Log 5.0 via USB or Dropbox. I’m really happy to see this app joining the existing Android apps ScubaLog and Dive Log and now there are 3 apps you can choose from (or you can use all three, of course).

Android Sync

Android Sync Sync:

With, another great online logbook is now compatible with Diving Log 5.0. You can upload and download your dives to the website from the “Web” toolbar button in the main toolbar. is along with also one of the data providers for the new online dive site search in the map window. All your dives are uploaded as private dives, but if you want, you can make them public on the website afterwards.

Diveboard Sync

Diveboard Sync

Please note, this is a beta update, so if you find any problems or bugs, please let us know. The new DiveMate and sync functions involve several parties, and while we’ve tested everything intensively, there is a good chance that there are still some issues.

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3 Responses to “New Diving Log Beta available”

  1. Forest says:

    Is there any chance of a mobile app that can auto sync with the online divelog or vice a versa? I would like to be able to sync my dives via cloud, if that was an option, and I would gladly pay a fee / subscription to be able to do that.

  2. […] Originally Posted by giffenk I am likely out of date. Does anyone have a list of iPhone/android apps that allow direct download from dive computers? Which dive computers do they work with? Thanks! Hi, DiveMate for Android can download from several dive computers and can be also synced with the lastest Diving Log 5.0 update. […]